Case Factori Leather iPad Sleeve Might Get Lost in a London Fog [Review]



The Grey Leather Sleeve for iPad ($33) from newcomer Case Factori is likely the most precisely average case we’ve ever reviewed. It does the job politely, and without fanfare. Or much personality.

I struggled valiantly to find anything to set this case apart. It works well enough, its coated leather sides providing enough scratch and bump protection to make it a genuinely useful iPad sleeve. It also fits an iPad 2 with equipped with Apple’s Smart Cover, and…well, that’s it. It’s not expensive, but it isn’t terribly economical for what it is, either. The grey color doesn’t help much. Or deter. It also comes in green, which may provide a whole new level of excitement.

The sleeve is quite remarkable in that it doesn’t seem to excel or disappoint in any area. In fact, this case is unique in that it could be used as the shining example of a median case.

Oh, one unusual point in its favor, though: Case Factori says they’ll donate a small amount of cash to one of a few select charities they champion for every sleeve sold.

[xrr rating=60%]

  • Robin Porter

    We haven’t had serious fog in London since 1952 !

  • Bob Forsberg

    I’ve searched since the iPad2 came out for a simple sleeve like this one, but without garish logos or other branding. 
    A word to those who might also find carrying advertising around and having to pay for the product besides not to their liking….buy a top grade piece of leather with a soft back lining and bring it to a shoemaker or leather products maker and have 3 sides sown to resemble what you see above.  I spent $30 for the leather, $25 for the labor and now have the best clean iPad sleeve made.

  • elimilchman

    Robin, I lived there in the mid-late ’80s as a kid and remember fog so thick I could weave a blanket out of it.

  • Richard Earney

    Rain, yes. Fog, rarely. You might find SF to be higher up the fog league table

  • Andre Joffe

    It’s minimalist, like the iPad itself. How is that a problem?

  • elimilchman

    I dunno — lived in both cities, still consider London the superior producer of quality fog. 

  • elimilchman

    It’s not a problem, just not very interesting. Also, I’d argue that the iPad is hardly minimalist. Simple to use, yes. Elegant, definitely.

  • Alicia Hunter

    Might just get myself this, nice and plain without it adding attention to the $800 im carrying.

  • huaqianba