OS X Lion Getting Installed at Apple Stores and AppleCare Support Centers



It’s almost here, folks! After weeks of anticipation and rumors about OS X Lion’s public launch, we’ve heard word that copies of Lion are shipping to Apple Stores for the Mac demo units on the store floor. Additionally, Lion is also getting installed at AppleCare support centers.

Lion is rumored to be dropping this Wednesday morning at 8:30 AM ET.


“We’ve now been able to confirm that Apple Retail stores have begun receiving final copies of OS X Lion today. The installations have come on hard drive and are meant for the Apple Retail demo computers on the store floor.”


“We’ve received word that all AppleCare reps are now receiving Lion training as well as getting their computers upgraded to Lion.  The process began over the weekend and looks to be completing today.

We’ve heard numerous reports that new Store display materials have been arriving over the past week as well.”

Updated Macbook Airs, Mac Minis, and a new Cinema Display with Thunderbolt are also expected to launch with OS X Lion this week.

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26 responses to “OS X Lion Getting Installed at Apple Stores and AppleCare Support Centers”

  1. Chris Brunner says:

    Hopefully this version is more stable than GM1 was!

    Read this article to see how buggy the first Golden Master was:

  2. Elliot George says:

    Bring it on! The sooner this wait is over, the better! 

  3. Soho22 says:

    Holy crap man, stop linking to your website in every post. Its getting ridiculous.

  4. Soho22 says:

    That certainly makes wednesday more realistic as a release date. Can’t wait.

  5. appledrunk says:

    To the guy who has said GM1 was buggy? First of all, there has only been one golden master seed. I haven’t seen any major bugs in it and by all accounts it will be the same build that Apple releases this week in the App Store.


  6. wnyang says:

    There are definitely still some bugs in Lion GM.  Hope they come out with 10.7.1 soon.

  7. David Cree says:

    Friday Folks, all new cats are released on a Friday.

  8. TylerHoj says:

    I just asked my friend who works at an Apple call centre in Niagara Falls [who I worked with when Snow Leopard launched] and I said…”I know you can’t tell me this kind of stuff but I heard that Lion was dropping this Wednesday, is there actually any truth in this rumour?” as she replied “;)” …yup, a winky face! So I think all systems are go! I’m pumped for Wednesday!!!

  9. TVPaulD says:

    Except the ones they released on Saturdays, Thursday and Tuesday?

  10. jongar jabbar says:

    as always the first release is filled with bugs
    so in reality, we might as well wait another 2 months to get the upgrades and a stable version
    and let the first batch of people to download test it on their systems

  11. David Knight says:

    I hate to dampen anyone’s excitement, however I have asked Apple to let me know when lion is released……no email yet.


  12. Dilbert A says:

    It’s beyond ridiculous, it’s spam. Like his site.

  13. martinberoiz says:

    They will be released on Caturday!

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