This Skydiving iPhone 4 Survived A 13,5000 Foot Freefall



Want ultimate protection for your iPhone when you are hurling yourself out of airplanes? Get an Incipio case, which helped the unlucky iPhone 4 pictured above survive a two mile free fall, albeit not without some war wounds.

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CNN reports that an unlucky skydiver accidentally had his iPhone 4 slip out of his pocket during a dive. It fell 13,500 feet to smash into the hard surface of a roof somewhere a mile or so downwind of where its owner parachuted to earth.

When the skydiver got to the ground, he ended up trying to locate his iPhone. To his surprise, he was able to track it down, and found that while the enclosure and touchscreen were broken, and the Incipio case was destroyed, he was still able to make and receive phone calls.

Heck of an advertisement for Incipio, eh?

[via OS X Daily