Amazon UK Sells Out of 11-Inch MacBook Air Ahead of Rumored Refresh



Strengthening those claims that Apple is set to launch updated MacBook Airs this Wednesday, Amazon UK has completely sold out of the low-end 11-inch ultraportable with 64GB of storage.

Visitors to cannot currently order an 11-inch MacBook Air with 64GB of storage because it’s “temporarily out of stock.” When Apple allows a major third-party reseller to completely sell out of a product as popular as the MacBook Air, it’s traditionally a sign that a refresh is imminent — possibly as early as this Wednesday.

Apple’s online store continues to offer the device, but speculation a new model is on the way has been circulating for some time. The ultraportable also hasn’t been refreshed since October last year and is patiently awaiting the Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt ports that were recently introduced to the MacBook Pro.

If you’re currently ready to buy a new MacBook Air, you may just want to wait a few days.

[via Apple Bitch]