Apple Tests iPad 3 Retina Displays from Samsung, LG



Apple’s third-generation iPad could boast a display that goes way beyond full 1080p HD, according to a new report. The Cupertino company is said to be testing 2048×1536 displays from both Samsung and LG that would finally bring a Retina display to its much-loved tablet.

Despite rumors that Apple is shifting its component supply away from Samsung after a collection of recent legal spats, the two companies may continue to partner up for production of the iPad 3. A report from The Korea Times cites a source “close to talks” between Apple and Samsung and LG, who claims LCDs are already being tested “at one of [Apple’s] laboratories in China.”

Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 will feature an improved display to support quad extended graphics (QXGA), a display resolution of 2048×1536 pixels with a 4:3 aspect ratio to provide full high definition (HD) viewing experience. The imminent deals would assure that Samsung and LG continue to be the biggest providers of flat screens to Apple for the foreseeable future. Samsung and LG are two of the few LCD makers that are at ease with highly-advanced LCD screens.

According to the source, Samsung and LG were asked to produce displays with “better picture quality and density,” and testing on these samples is expected to finalize during the third quarter. Samsung and LG have reportedly been chosen as suppliers thanks to their low temperature polysilicon technology which is said to meet Apple’s strict pixel density requirements — believed to be at least 280 ppi for the iPad 3.

Rumors that a third iPad sporting a HD display seem to have spread rapidly over the past several weeks, with a number of sources in Apple’s supply chain claiming a high-end device aimed at professionals will launch to sell alongside the iPad 2 later this year.

[via 9to5 Mac]

  • baby_Twitty

    Adobe would be scratching their heads on how the f.uck Samsung managed to maintain such a long ‘frenemy’ status with Apple.

  • mohammed shehata

    @twitter-39221130:disqus Adobe did not have touch tablets or devices, they had Apps to work on Apple :D, However the question is, how Samsung can work on display for iPad where they have Galaxy Tab and other Smart mobiles!, it is inspiring how competitors can work together in peace :-D, lets watch and see lol :P

  • CharliK

    But what kind of testing as we talking about. This could be just about the display and nothing about how it effects the battery etc. So even if they do finish by the end of August they wouldn’t be ready to put it into production. That might take another 3 months to achieve. Meaning they still wouldn’t be ready to sell until 2012 as the ipad 3. Not some 2011 iPad 2 Pro.