Political Fact-Checking App Featured on iTunes Store


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As the U.S. 2012 presidential election campaign gathers momentum, an app that checks the factual statements of politicians earned a thumbs up from Apple.

PolitiFact Mobile is currently the only news app in New & Noteworthy section, alongside mostly entertainment offerings like graphic novel “Burn Notice”, music app Radio Soulwax, and a few productivity apps like PriorityList.

Updated July 6, the $1.99 app that promises to keep politicians in check now also works on the iPad. The app gauges the truthiness of U.S. politicians in a variety of ways, just like the Pulitzer-winning website of the same name staffed by reporters of the St. Petersburg Times, so you can track who is fibbing and who is flip-flopping on the issues of the day.

  • GregsTechBlog

    I really like the idea, but there’s room for bias, which is troublesome. How can I be sure that this is a neutral site before sending money their way?

  • byron church

    Look at Nicole’s wonderful face. I feel safe! 

  • baby_Twitty

    i read the reviews on on the AppStore, (its $1.99) 
    …says the app is clunky and don’t give you more info then on the website,,, etc..so i’m not buying it yet. until the App improves.

  • Chris Brunner

    I’m hoping that this is a SOLID app before the next presidential election. Tons of BS gets tossed around during that race from both major parties!


  • Jamal22

    Yeah, gregTechBlog, I agree. Bias is rampant in politics; need to wait and see.

  • JefCostello

    Who needs an app to gage if pols are liars? They are all scum, especially the liar in the White House, Professor Obama. If you leftists and the media had done a smidge of back checking on this goof in Illinois you would know what a criminal he is. 

  • VasquezCP1

    In my experience viewing the site, it seems to lean towards posting quotes that make the left seem more truthful than the right. They do post quotes from both sides that are true and untrue. They just seem to pick and choose their quotes.

  • David Heidke

    This app and page would be great if it were neutral.  Apparently the people who run Poliifact.com are trying to get more balanced, but they are still running 4 to 1 to a liberal point of view.  All politicians are liars, but I find it hard to believe that liberals seem to always tell the truth.

  • BackyardZooGames

    Helpful info… tnx!