Cinema Display with Thunderbolt Coming Soon



Apple has leaked an upcoming LED Cinema Display on its website that boasts a Thunderbolt connection. The new display looks exactly like the current model, but features Thunderbolt I/O technology on the back.

A new MacBook Air, Mac Pro, white Macbook, and Mac mini was expected to launch sometime soon, with the latest rumors saying next week. This speculation was originally based off part numbers that were leaked. While the new MacBook Air part numbers are still legitimate, the Mac Pro numbers were later updated to reflect a new Mac mini and white Macbook model.

MacRumors has uncovered that these already-corrected Mac mini and white Macbook part numbers are in fact numbers for a new, Thunderbolt-equipped Cinema Display.

“Apple has even confirmed that information by prematurely posting a new image on its site depicting the display and identifying in the URL as the “MC914″ part that had been previously thought to be a new MacBook. The display appears essentially identical to the existing LED Cinema Display from the front, although Apple’s new promotional image displays a Lion desktop background rather than the Snow Leopard one found on the images for the current model. The rear of the display will obviously include a Thunderbolt port in place of the current mini DisplayPort connection.”

Thunderbolt I/O’s blazing fast architecture will be making its way to the Cinema Display very soon. This is great news for professionals that use the Cinema Display on a day to day basis.

  • Chris Brunner

    I’m planning on adding 2 additional monitors to the the new iMac via Thunderbolt!


  • Dax Xanos


  • Brian Spitzer

    “The rear of the display will obviously include a Thunderbolt port in place of the current mini DisplayPort connection”

    Is this suggesting there will be no mini display port?! So the current macbook airs will not be able to connect? I hope not.

  • Jacob Roy

    Damn, i’ve forgot about the Apple Displays!

  • Rodney Allebach

    I sure hope they don’t hamstring it like the they did the Thunderbolt iMac by not having it work with anything except Thunderbolt equipped Macs. It would really shrink the possible customer base if those of us with DisplayPort only Macs couldn’t connect to it.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Display Port 1.2 is capable of 17.28 Gbit/s.
    Thunderbolt is capable of 10 Gbit/s.

    Sounds like a step backward, unless it is a dual purpose port (both Thunderbolt and DP 1.2).

  • AriRomano

    what’s the point of 10gbit downstream  for a display? x.X

  • Remco

    note the missing preview icon and the added mission control icon in the dock. 

  • Bob Forsberg

    32″?….imagine a 36″. I’ve since replaced my original 30″ with an NEC 30″. Long overdue Apple.

  • innov8ion

    The point is that one chain supports many devices.  

  • markdyson

    This quote confused me. On the back of my current Cinema Display (a couple of months old) there are only three ports: all USB. What DisplayPort connection?

  • norfolkmustard

    The ports are the same (mini DP / TB), just the technology is different. i.e. you are able to plug your miniDP cable into a TB port and it will work. TB is backward compatible with DisplayPort.

  • Mike Rathjen

    They are different, and each better in different ways. Thunderbolt is better because it includes bidirectional I/O. But DisplayPort 1.2 has enough bandwidth to drive two displays from a single port, and Thunderbolt does not.

    “The bi-directional nature of Thunderbolt enables you to daisy-chain to a
    single jack up to six high-speed data devices or five data devices and a
    display without the need for a hub. Apple’s wording is quite specific,
    though: you cannot daisy-chain multiple displays. As a proponent of
    multiple-display Macs, that’s too bad, but perhaps a future version of
    Thunderbolt will support multiple displays, or Apple will have two
    Thunderbolt ports to allow this option.”

  • Dilbert A

    I’m a bit late, but this is incorrect.