Amazon’s Already Selling Out Of Snow Leopard DVDs, Will Apple Print More?



Whether or not OS X Lion shows up on the Mac App Store late next week, as All Things D believes, or on the 26th, as some Apple Store employees belive, one thing’s for sure: it’s coming before the month is out.

So it’s not totally a surprise that is running low on copies of Snow Leopard, having sold out entirely of retail copies of OS X 10.6 on their UK site and only selling it through third-parties on their US site.

What is surprising, at least to us, is that it’s happening so soon. How are people going to upgrade to Lion if it’s impossible to buy Snow Leopard?

It’s something of a problem. Because Lion requires Snow Leopard to be installed and upgraded to 10.6.8 in order to download the install file from the App Store, Apple’s sort of tied Lion and Snow Leopard’s tails together. If retailers are already selling out of Snow Leopard, if you want to hard wipe a Mac and do a fresh install of Snow Leopard and Lion, you may just have to resort to less savory methods of procurement.

I’m curious what Apple’s going to do about this. Will they print more copies of Snow Leopard? Release it for free as a DMG file? What do you think?

[via Apple Bitch]

  • aleonell

    don’t they have to, for people to upgrade from leopard to Lion. Seeing you can’t just go straight to Lion. Or will they sell snow leopard on the Mac app store too?

  • Adam Rosen

    I’ve been wondering the same thing.  Apple hates selling two versions of the same product, they always discontinue the old when the new comes out.  This time, however, they really need to keep selling Snow Leopard to support Lion upgrades.  

    Given the recent Final Cut Pro X debacle, all bets are off as to how they’ll behave next.

  • tiresius

     Here’s John Brownlee’s egregious Typo of the Day:

    as some Apple Store employees belive

      John, if you aren’t going to proof read your stuff before you post, you really do need to use a Word Processing program with Spell Check.

  • Desidério Ortelá

    maybe they’ll just say something like “well, now you have to buy a new Mac!”

  • Soho22

    Why didn’t they think of that earlier? Could have bought it months ago.

  • Soho22

    lol and how would anyone buy it who doesn’t have Snow Leopard already? You have to have Snow Leopard to have the AppStore, otherwise you wouldn’t need it to upgrade to Lion but could use Leopard or whatever you have.

  • CharliK

    They won’t give it away. 

    If Amazon is running out then that’s on them for not ordering more before this. 

    As for getting a copy, go to Apple

  • Ian Bauters

    I hope they bring Lion on USB stick like the OS is brought with MacBook Airs

  • Bob Forsberg

    Snow Leapord & Lion will be available from the same on-line Apple source…and again, no USB sticks or DVDs for Lion.

  • appledrunk

    It is somewhat troubling that Apple is currently requiring users to have Snow Leopard preinstalled. The only reason for this is because you need the App Store to download the installer. Though even then Apple requires you have 10.6.8 to even launch the Lion installer. Sure it means increased revenue to Apple, but it’s going to be quite confusing to many users.

    Once the installer is launched from Snow Leopard it actually creates a partition for your Mac to boot from, called a “Recovery HD”. From then on you can simply hold option during the boot process to access this recovery HD to perform maintenance and installs of Lion.

  • Tony Leonello

    yeh exactly so if they cut SL the only way to upgrade to Lion would be buying a new mac. would apple do that?

  • Tony Leonello

    yeh but but the app store is only usable on Snow Leopard, making it impossible for someone on leopard to lion without upgrading to Snow Leopard first.

  • Haymoose

    I personally find it hard to believe Apple will require all Leopard users to pay twice for a single OS jump, there must be a technical way to leapfrog SL to Lion using a USB stick or the like. I think they will have to realize the issue for users without internet in rural areas or Admins needing to upgrade multiple machines in an organization.

  • Alex

    “Here’s John Brownlee’s egregious Typo of the Day:”

    I love that …. Brownlee never fails to disappoint.

  • Fearless_fred

    And Apple have still not answered the big question that is looming over this new “app Store Only” strategy: If the hard drive on a new iMac/Macboo/Macbook Pro dies, and there is no physical media available, how do you re-install the OS. I’ve had the HDD die in both my iMac and my Macbook over the last couple of years (both around the 2 year old mark in fact). These were *complete* HDD failures (i.e. the physical HDD just wasn’t recognised at all on boot, so having a Restore Partition would’ve been no help whatsoever).

     Whilst the iMac was an un-authorised repair I did myself, the Macbook repair is something that Apple themselves tell you how to do! Luckily in both cases, I had the DVD of the correct OS avaialble, so I was able to boot from it, format the HDD, and restore the system from Time Machine.

    Now, if I’d been a newer user, trying to restore a Lion-based system without physical media, I’d have been up a certain creek without a paddle. This whole App Store Only scheme is going to come back and bite Apple in the arse within 12 months….

  • Ivonne Spinoza

    What if your HDD dies? Like, DEAD DEAD won’t booot DEAD. Can you make a hard copy on a DVD or USB stick for such cases?

  • Melissa Johnson

    Since Apple is trying so damn hard to make money with these stupid little upgrades.. No wonder they are losing customers so fast. 

    I personally think that ALL Mac’s should be able to download free upgrades, whether it be from Tiger to Leopard, or Snow Leopard to Lion, or Dinosaur.. Whatever the hell comes out next. PC users get to download iTunes (all versions) and get to use all Apple products, but original Mac users need to upgrade the software to download iTunes 10.1 (and so on..) 

    I have been using Apple products since a very long time now but I’m starting to resent it now. I have 4 iPhones, two Macbook’s and many other little gadgets but it’s a shame now. 

    Technology develops, no doubt about it but putting a hole in peoples pockets without a valid reason is not my cup of tea. 


    Apple User!