Those New MacBook Airs Are Actually Coming Next Week



We apologize if this is getting confusing. At first there were supposed to be updated MacBook Airs coming today with OS X Lion, then it was reported that we’d see new hardware from Apple on July 26th.

Now, it appears that new MacBook Airs with backlit keyboards and more storage could be coming as soon as next week!

AllThingsD is reporting that the rumored MacBook Airs will be shipping “late next week,” according to “several sources.”

“Still waiting for the MacBook Air refresh? You can put your credit card down for a bit.Although many speculated it would, Apple didn’t bring the new machines to market today. And it’s not going to do so tomorrow, either.

Several sources indicate that the company plans to uncrate the eagerly anticipated updates to its MacBook Air line late next week. “The rumor sites are off by a week,” one source said.”

We’re skeptical, but John Paczkowski of AllThingsD does have a pretty good track record.

These new MacBook Airs are expected to have Sandy Bridge chips, Thunderbolt I/O, 128 GB/256 GB of storage, and the long-awaited backlit keyboard.

  • enzoamata

    If one predicts enough they’ll get a hit sooner or later…

    This is starting to turn into a sitting with a medium.

  • Matt Ralston

    You don’t know, do you. Give it up!

    My prediction… new MacBook Airs: this year. Tell me I’m wrong.

  • Matt S

    It keeps changing, and changing, and changing.  Certainly shows us how strong Apple’s grip is on its followers.  I find the timing of the influx of hype rather interesting nonetheless.  Here’s what I said about it when I wrote for the EE-Tech-News:

  • TylerHoj

    I’m just going to download Lion on August 1st, and forget about it until then. 

  • Steven Chaffer

    This is getting a bit sill guys, don’t ya think? 

  • TylerHoj

    Pft…I’m not excited about either of these releases at all. And you can’t prove otherwise!!!

  • appledrunk

    Well it would stand to reason that Lion will be included with them. Whether or not they launch on the same day is another story but seems likely. It does seem like everyone is guessing at this point though.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Okay, you’re wrong.

  • Naomi Leonard

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  • Brian Moore

    booooooo boooooo

    i got up 1am looking for a lion, have been looking & waiting & listening ALL day for some news, nothing…
    : (

  • jordanx5

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  • mrplowinc

    OK, so we headline with “Those New MacBook Airs Are Actually Coming Next Week”
    continue on with “could be coming as soon as next week!”
    and end with “We’re skeptical”Can we just stop with the “are we nearly there yet?” pointless posts. Any chance of posting an article contain real facts and compelling content?

  • Gordon_Keenan

    Why not just have a ticker scrolling along the main page of the web site with reports on this sort of stuff. Would save valuable space on the web site, save people having to read more useless nonsense, and of course the ticker would look pretty. :)

  • kriswm

    and so is the rapture.

  • Karl

    is it me or is that drop shadow way too dark?