Even If The iPad Isn’t a PC, Apple’s Still Third Largest PC Vendor [Report]


Steve Jobs with Mac retro

Apple has come a long way since the 1970s. While the Mac was seen for years as a niche product that would never appeal to a mass audience, Apple has just been declared the third largest PC vendor in the US.

Apple went from fifth place to third this business quarter with a 10.7% stake in the US PC market.

MacRumors sends along a report from the Gartner and IDC research firms that shows Apple’s increase in overall PC market share on a domestic and international level.

The rest of PC vendors, including Dell and HP, saw a 4-6% decrease in US sales last quarter. Apple saw its best quarter yet for the Mac with a 10.7% share of the market. This number is up from 8.5% last year.

Gartner actually blames the iPad for the PC market’s overall decrease in sales.

“Given the hype around media tablets such as the iPad, retailers were very conservative in placing orders for PCs. Instead, they wanted to secure space for media tablets. Some PC vendors had to lower their inventory through promotions, while others slimmed their product lines at retailers,” [Gartner analyst Mikako] Kitagawa said.”

The iPad has seen phenomenal success in both the US and international markets. While the ‘magical’ tablet is not classified as “PC,” it remains indirectly responsible for a drop in PC sales. It’s forecasted that Apple sold up to 9.5 million iPads in the last business quarter alone.

Apple now sits under HP (26.9%) and Dell (22.6%) as the nation’s third largest PC company. Apple’s success in retail is a huge factor in the company’s overall market traction.

While Apple slowly but surely gains more share in the market, other PC vendors are on a steep, 5.6% decline. Toshiba was the only other company to increase its year-to-year shipments with Apple.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

  • Iphoneication

    apple will be the number one vendor in the next 3 years… my prediction. This is not a number i just pulled from a hat, heres how i came up with the time line….. apple sales have had tremendous growth over the past 5 years, largely because of osx, iPod,, iphone, and now iPad sales…. they continue to secure contracts with component suppliers, basically making most suppliers apples biotch,,, lol,, that is a significant factor considering hp can’t even build tablets until fall comes around in mass quantities,, why apple has already spoke for the parts being produced.

    now that is just one part, second is retail strategy, i mean iconic structures around the world…easy people that actually deal with your issues right then and there…this strategy will continue on,, making the buying process a pleasure,,, 

    oh, and that other windows thingie,, that is on all those other hp’s, dells etc,, ya they are opening stores to,, but heres my question,, microsoft is a software company, i mean i just cant see this a winning strategy,, until microsoft figures out that piece that apple has,, a nice union of hardware and software,, apple makes, designs its hardware,, hence the retail strategy,,, so great i can go into a microsoft store and what see demos,, and pic up some windows programs…ya not gonna work, sorry.

    oh and lastly,, in 3 years apple will have a commanding market share in the cell category. Apple will be on all major US carriers, as well as the prepaid market. iPad will continue to dominate and others will continue to struggle to keep up…  apple will release a pro series of iPads this year,, apple will also continue to marry iOS with lion osx,, until iOS is the major operating system, as Lion will be the end of what we call OSX,, and will morph into IOS,, apple will also introduce a touch iMac,, in the next 2 years i would say, maybe even next refresh,,, that is heavy on iOS,, 

    just my thoughts


  • Atienne

    to all those people back in the late 80s and 90s who harassed me for being a mac user and whom were renowned for predicting the quick demise of apple…… BITE ME!!!!! :-)

  • Iphoneication

    i used to have those same arguements,,, i told people that apple would be bigger than microsoft…. 

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