Apple Pays Just $946 to Settle First Locationgate Lawsuit



While many of us dismissed the whole ‘Locationgate’ fiasco as being blown way out of proportion, others saw it as an opportunity to claim back a rebate on their iPhones by suing Apple. One Korean lawyer has become the first person to successfully win a Locationgate lawsuit, but we’re guessing Apple can live with the damages: he’ll receive just $946 in compensation.

Two officials have informed Reuters that a Korean court awarded Kim Hyung-suk a modest $946 in compensation following a court order in May. Kim’s law firm, Mirae Law, confirmed that Apple had already made the payment last month.

There’s no mention of why the court ruled in Kim’s favor, but with billions of cash in the bank, Apple is unlikely to feel the affects of the settlement. However, this could open the gates for further lawsuits in other countries, which could potentially cost Apple a great deal more that just a thousand dollars.

It’s unlikely this will be the only case in South Korea, too: Mirae Law has already set up a website for Koreans who fancy having their own go at suing the Cupertino company.

  • AlterThending

    I want my check so I can spend it right back at Apple.

  • Gonji

    So, if every Korean who owns an iPhone, 3 million of them, joins the class action and gets about  $1000 each it would only cost apple 3 billion dollars…ouch. Then if the rest of the world gets involved…

    $950 may not be much, but precedence has been set. I believe Apple needs to pull out the big guns to stop this in its infancy.

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