Apple Introduces Volume B2B Purchasing To Developers



Apple contacted developers today to let them know that they will soon have the option to sell apps to businesses in volume at discounted rates. The new pricing structure will be available to developers that accept the new Paid Applications Agreement through the developer portal.

This is something that developers have been asking for and although it might not sound like a big deal. It is a big deal.

Especially if you are a business and you want to buy 10,000 copies of something like LogMeIn. You’ll only have to hit the Buy button once versus 10,000 times for each copy you need.


  • Tanner Godarzi

    What’s the App shown on the iPhone?

  • Jordan Clay

    Can business implement their own proprietary iPad apps to devices w/o going through the app store?    I know there has to be certain apps that contain proprietary info for certain select businesses.

    I know this is a dumb question but…How does apple get their proprietary Apple store Software on the iPads that the associates carry through the store.

  • Trevor

    Yes they can.  They pay for a company developer license, which costs $299 per year.  This allows them to deploy apps while bypassing the app store.

  • Florian Gnägi

    This is great news! I hope this is not limited to iOS but also for OSX. The app store is cool, however for me as a business owner it is a problem that each of my employees must have an iTunes account with credit card to be able to upgrade to Lion or to install some programs we use in the company. 

    Best would be to have some kind of app store proxy on a company server where I could buy the apps we need and assign them to the corresponding computers in the network. 

    I sure like that apple acknowledges the need of corporate customers. 

  • KhaledsCorner

    good to know thanks

  • jordanx5

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