Stash A Joint In Your iPhone Case With The iHit [Update: Kicked Off Kickstarter!]



Do you not have room in your pocket for both an iPhone and an incriminating joint? Boy, is this the Kickstarter project for you.

Called the iHit, the project leaders claim that their iPhone case’s cylindrical side compartment is for carrying “various small goodies with you, such as vitamins and mints.”

In their actual product images, though, there’s scarce a mint to be seen. Rather, the cylinder compartment is shown holding a single cigarette. Since I don’t know all that many smokers who only buy and carry one cigarette at a time with them, chances are, given the product name, that’s meant to be a marijuana cigarette… or a magic jay bone, in the parlance of our times.

Want one? $20 bucks pledge will get you one. Willing to pay $5 more? Get a hash pipe with it, gratis.

Update: Woops! The iHit project page has been pulled! Read more about it over here on Techcrunch

Update 2: Hey! The guys at iHit wrote us about being kicked off of Kickstarter. Here’s what they had to say:

This is Joshea and Edward, the creators of the iHit. We REALLY appreciate your article and the exposure that it has given us. In case you don’t know, Kickstarter suspended our fundraising a day after launching. It is still unclear as to why we were suspended, but we think it has to do with falling outside of Amazon’s restrictions on selling anything related to drug paraphernalia. We wrote to them explaining that we would make the necessary changes to our project in order to fall within the scope of the guidelines, but they have not replied and just a little while ago they removed our project profile.

Would it be possible to redirect the link on the article to our website since the kickstarter page no longer exists. I know it’s a shot in the dark, but S would really appreciate your help in this matter

Consider it done!

  • Remco

    haha “gratis” is dutch for “free”

  • Riley E. Coyote

    That’s a great idea!!

  • Allan Robertson

    Looks a bit odd.

  • djrobsd

    This looks like an article right from The Onion.

  • AlterThending

    I like the idea the prototype looks a little funky though.

  • Hampus

    Dutch, and all the Scandinavian (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian)languages and possible German too…

  • martinberoiz

    Wow, I didn’t know that! It also means free in Spanish.

  • Sambo

    “Since I don’t know all that many smokers who only buy and carry one
    cigarette at a time with them, chances are, given the product name,
    that’s meant to be a marijuana cigarette… or a magic jay bone, in the parlance of our times.”

    Actually, Brownlee, it’s a one hitter. Just as it clearly says in the images. Are you that inept? A one hitter is a metal or ceramic tube designed to look like a cigarette but is used to secretly smoke the kaya.

    Brownlee, you seriously look stupid in 90% of the articles you post. Do some freaking research and editing before posting. I’m surprised that I didn’t see any typos in this article…Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention this time to notice.

  • jordanx5

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  • tys0ns

    Somebody needs an iHit to help with their iAttitude. 

  • mai duc chung

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5

  • know it some

    yeah, as “sambo” (yikes!) says, it’s for a one-hitter, not a joint. it’s a metal pipe that is painted to look like a cig that you pack and smoke, one hit at a time. most one-hitters also have a place to keep the plant material for reloading. that would be the “pack it” phase as shown in the photo. kinda surprised you didn’t know that. oh well.

  • know it some

    right-o. so surprised no one can figure that out. they must have missed the “pack it” part of the photo.