Apple May Be Changing International iTunes Pricing



Apple may be prepping a change in iTunes pricing, a long-time sore spot for international users sometimes charged double that of buyers in the United States.

The tech giant announced maintenance work on iTunes Connect between 9am and 4pm Pacific. The work centers on “pricing changes” that will result in users from several countries, including Mexico, U.K., and Australia, being unable to make purchases. In the case of Australia, that country’s dollar is $1.03 while the Cupertino, Calif. company’s iTunes ‘exchange rate’ expects $0.60 – or an 81 percent surcharge.

Elsewhere, Switzerland-based iTunes users are levied a 105 percent surcharge, according to reports.

The iTunes maintenance is also seen as pointing to the imminent released of OS X 10.7, codenamed ‘Lion.’

  • jayoen

    FINALLY! The Australian dollar has been bigger than the US dollar for ages, yet we still fork out much more for the same stuff.

  • Craig Grannell

    I bloody hope not here – iTunes UK is a very slight bargain compared to the US prices.

  • Aj Tk427

    I just wish we all had access to the same music content

  • Mohamed Elshanshoury

    here in egypt for instance, the $50  gift card is sold for around $76 !   

  • Hampus

    Would be nice…
    Would rather have them start selling movies and TV series in more parts of the world (like Sweden ;p) but of course, the movie companies doesn’t really want my money…
    I’m not interested in buying movies or worse, TV series on DVDs (or wait half a year for them to air on local TV)

  • jordanhuxley

    Any evidence to this, a rumor from someone close to Apple, or is it just pure speculation?

  • jordanhuxley

    I hope so .. the TV shows and movies on the US store are far cheaper to buy and rent than here in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, Cult of Mac is the only website to mention this ???

  • fernando

    i hope so.

  • Joe T

    I just noticed the prices of some of my apps in my wishlist have gone up! They were £1.19 – now £1.49 and some $5.99, now £6.99!


  • green_eggs

    Confirmed. Australian prices dropped (eg. was $1.19 now $0.99)  Woohoo!

  • jimmyjame

    Already seeing this in the App Store about stinking time this happened..

  • SpicedOut65

    What puzzles me is the rate of adjustment. Final Cut Pro X went from £179 – £199, over 10% increase and yet if I convert from $ to £ on practically any currency conversion site you care to mention the US FCPX price of $299 converts to around £185. 

    A small adjustment was obviously necessary but how can this be justified given the lack of manufacturing and transportation costs. 

    One more reason to jailbreak?

  • arti.fact

    Well in two provinces in Canada the governments have opted for a one tax system on sales tax and we get kicked in the teeth by having to dish out a extra 12% on purchases from iTunes. I find it more convenient just to buy my music at a local music store than have to go to another store to buy the iTunes card, come home and go through the hassle of looking for the music on iTunes.

    Apple is losing since they have’nt got a way of getting around this, but can on software.

  • Jeremy Roe

    Australian prices are now on par with that of the US! 99c not 1.19 for the min price apps! Stoked! Also 8.99 apps are down to 7.49, makes a big difference in the long term!

  • jordanx5

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