Will Motorola Beat Apple to a Retina Display Tablet?



Despite recent claims that Apple will launch an ‘iPad HD’ later this year, any delay could mean that Motorola is the first to launch a high-resolution tablet, with one report maintaining that the company is already testing a prototype device with a 2048×1536 Retina display-like resolution.

According to a source for Fudzilla, Motorola may be abandoning the widescreen ratio of its Xoom tablet and replacing it with a 10-inch 4:3 format device, similar to Apple’s iPad, with a high-resolution display. The source claims to have “actually played with one” of the devices, which is said to be significantly thinner than the Xoom and powered by Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’.

While there are no details on its technical specifications, the report notes that Motorola works closely with NVIDIA, which could mean the device will pack the Tegra 3 Kal-El chip.

Fudzilla claims the device “might be out this year,” which doesn’t give Apple a great deal of time if it wants to be the first to launch a high-resolution tablet. Though there has been speculation that a third iPad, dubbed the ‘iPad HD’ or the ‘iPad 2 Plus’, will launch later this year, others have dismissed any possibility that Apple would launch two iPads in one year.

[via Electronista]