Foxconn Convinces Apple It Can Produce the iPad 3 Alone [Report]



Following recent rumors that Apple may be adding a second manufacturer to its iPad supply chain for the launch of a third device, Foxconn Electronics has reportedly “exerted its efforts to protect its orders” and has “persuaded” Apple not to shift production of the device to a second contractor.

It was reported earlier this week that Apple was seeking an additional iPad supplier in an attempt to better cope with the demand of a third device, expected to launch later this year. Having already secured a deal to supply 10 million iPhone 5 units to the Cupertino company, Pegatron Technology was tipped to join the iPad supply chain and share production with Foxconn.

However, thanks to Foxconn’s recent efforts, it seems Pegatron’s chances of producing Apple’s tablet have been eliminated, according to sources for DigiTimes:

“…Foxconn has exerted its efforts to protect its orders and apparently has persuaded Apple to not shift some of its iPad orders to other contractors for the moment.”

In addition to its iPhone 5 orders, however, Pegatron is reportedly aiming to secure orders for a fourth iPad, as well as notebooks and desktops from Apple during 2012.

[via AppleInsider]