Apple Sold Up To 9.5M iPads This Quarter, While Competitors Struggled To Sell Any


Photo by Craig S -
Photo by Craig S -

Are you ready for Apple to unveil how many iPads were sold during the three-month period ended June 25? Both professional and amateur analysts are out with their estimates and whomever you believe, it appears to have been another gang-buster quarter for the tablet giant.

As in previous years, amateur analysts are bullish, while the pros have the low consensus. Amateur Navin Nagrani forecasts 9.5 million iPads were sold during the quarter, while Gleacher’s Brian Marshall, Hudson Square’s Daniel Ernst and Think Equity’s Mark McKechnie agree on 6 million units.

However, even the analyst average of 7.92 million iPads sold translates to a 142 percent jump from the same period in 2010. Total iPads sold in 15 months be close to 27.4 million tablets. Amateurs average 8.38 million, while the pros gather at 7.72 million units.

Apple will release actual third-quarter sales figures Tues., July 19 around 5pm Eastern.