Here’s What Is New In iOS 5 Beta 3 [Live Updating!]



We’re just starting to dive into Beta 3, but we thought we’d start a thread to catalogue everything new that we discover in the latest dev previous of iOS 5. We’ll be keeping this updated throughout the day.

Noticed anything new? Let us know in the comments, or email us at and we’ll update the post accordingly.

• Most people are reporting that iOS 5 Beta 3 is faster and less buggy.

• New ringtone listings for the iPhone: Tweet and Sherwood Forrest. These aren’t functional right now.

Bug?: It looks like you can’t change your ringtone to anything. Even if you switch it to the new ones or old ones, the default ringtone is all that plays when you get a call.

• Fixes for AirPlay mirroring, where the AppleTV’s screensaver would cause performance to degrade.

• Fixed an issue where the Reminders application did not send notifications upon the entry or exit of a location if there is no specific date associated with the location-based reminder.

• iMessage is not compatible in Beta 3 with iMessage from Beta 1, but it is compatible with Beta 2.

• Big speed improvement loading up on our test iPhone 4.

• got a new icon…

• New Location Services screen at start-up more clearly describes the setting for users at first boot: “Location Services uses GPS along with crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower locations to determine your approximate location.”

• FaceTime may still be broken, as the FaceTime icon is still missing from Settings. Update: FaceTime isn’t working on our iPhone 4, but it’s there on our iPad 2. Weird. Update 2: Duh. You FaceTime from the Address Book on the iPhone 4. False alarm. FaceTime does still seem to be disabled in iOS 5, though. .

• iPhone 3GS now gets opening logo animation. — Thanks, Thad!

• On-phone setup sequence is more polished with more sections and animations. — Thanks, Thad!

• We’re hearing reports that you can now set custom text tones, and they work!

• New Location Services menu in Settings. [via MacStories.

• We’re hearing reports that iTunes Sync is a lot more reliable now with iOS 5 Beta 3 and iTunes 10.5 Beta 3. Lots less syncing errors.

Bug: Reader Alex reports that iOS 5 Beta 3 thinks his white iPad 2 is a black one.

• Software Update now shows what version you have installed.

• There’s now an option under General Settings for “iTunes W-Fi Sync” which is an entry name change.

• Voice Roaming can now be turned on and off!

• Clear Cookies and Data has been added back in Safari settings. There’s also a new Advanced menu.

• now has a “Store” button for shopping in the iTunes Store.

• You can create a new Mailbox directly from the Mailbox app by tapping the “New Mailbox” button.

• New Assistive Touch on iPad feature allows you to pop up a menu on any page allowing you to emulate functions like shaking, rotating, etc. More info here.

Live updating! More to come!

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165 responses to “Here’s What Is New In iOS 5 Beta 3 [Live Updating!]”

  1. DrM47145 says:

    New build number~!

  2. Brandon Dillon says:

    Is FaceTime working again?

  3. bplano says:

    Is it just me, or can you set a “custom” text tone? 

  4. azzyboy says:

    You’re actually wrong. Reading the release notes it says “NEW: iMessage beta 3 will be unable to communicate with iMessage users on beta 1. It works between beta 3 and beta 2.” 

    Just a little FYI  :)

  5. Roby145 says:

    Facetime Works Again… That’s something :)

  6. Jeff Gargas says:

    Wrong about iMessages. This direct from the change log:  “iMessage beta 3 will be unable to communicate with iMessage users on beta 1. It works between beta 3 and beta 2.”

  7. ericlo says:

    LOL. “Live updating” for the ultra-apple geek. Most of them have already plopped down $99 just to have access to the build without being a developer.

  8. Joseph Davis says:

    Very unlikely but did beta 3 fix the netflix bug at all?

  9. ericlo says:

    Finally! That would be awesome.

  10. Brandon Dillon says:

    For me, none of the 3rd party video apps would work in beta 2, so hopefully so.

  11. brownlee says:

    Thanks, corrected. We’re trying to do this post simultaneously, so we’re likely to make a few mistakes.

  12. brownlee says:

    What unit is it working? It’s not working on our iPhone 4,

  13. azzyboy says:

    Cool, just thought i’d mention :D Also, iTunes sync is much better (last beta was sync unhappy… errors here there and everywhere!) 

  14. Steve LeVine says:

    Custom text tones is supposed to be a feature in iOS 5 just like you can make custom ring tones.

  15. Alex says:

    itunes recognized my white ipad as a black one…just for the record..

  16. randall says:

    Actually most people just pay a dev or a third-party site a few bucks (10-15) to be linked to a dev account since they can have around 100 devices per account. Don’t think anyone on here is stupid enough to actually drop $99 just for a beta..

  17. Brandon Dillon says:

    Does anyone know if you are able to upload beta 1 or 2 to your devices from the new iTunes beta, or do you have to downgrade? I’ve been having to do various betas on different iOS devices.

  18. randall says:

    I’m really digging the new sliders (i.e. System Services picture) on iOS 5, look so much more “Apple” like than the previous rectangular ones.

  19. Joseph Davis says:

    I’ll post up here if it works unless someone beats me to it….installing now…

  20. Andy Creigh says:

    am downloading now dont know if you guys are on a mac but i am 0.0

  21. Roby145 says:

    It’s working on my iPhone 4…

  22. Andy Creigh says:

    i hope in this update that safari wont crash and i really hope mobile videos have the controls back will post updates for you guys for shure 

  23. Andy Creigh says:

    and im lucky because my dad is a dev

  24. Tom McGrath says:

    I read that above, and I missed out the “reports that iOS 5 Beta 3” bit, so I read it as “Reader Alex thinks his white iPad is a black one”. Ah, my brain, what are you like.

  25. Dan Bridgland says:

    Updating the library on itunes is dramatically faster, my library is stored on my NAS, previous updates have taken hours to complete the post install update,   the latest version completes in a couple of minutes,   for a moment I got a task of how fast thunderbolt will be – Fantastic!!!!!

  26. Andy Creigh says:

    omfg i really really was hoping that this download would be OTA but oh well 

  27. Kevin Olson says:


  28. Kevin Olson says:


  29. appledrunk says:

    UDID Activations here if anyone is interested

  30. Andy Creigh says:

    13 min till showtime its making me so mad

  31. SELOC_disqus says:

    setting > general > usage
    now shows memory usage by app and iCloud usage

  32. maxel says:

    Is this legit ?
    the user claim “There’s a little button in the bottom right hand corner of the dock, much like the physical home button, than when pressed, brings up this. It allows access to invoke custom gestures (THEY WORK!) and it simulates the home button, and “Device” gives access to volume control, mute, orientation, etc. “Favorites” are your custom gestures.” (posted on engadget)

  33. norfolkmustard says:

    setting > general > usage
    now shows memory usage by app and iCloud usage.
    In the entry for each app, you can delete individual files the app is storing.

  34. Andy Creigh says:

    here goes now updating will post updates for you guys

  35. ericlo says:

    Ah yes, very true

  36. gurnam says:

    IT WORKS!!! At least ABC Player works so assuming Netflix does too (still restoring from cloud).

  37. Jazam2010 says:

    Nope. Still won’t work.

  38. gurnam says:

    Can’t seem to verify this… nothing in the bottom right corner of the dock.

  39. AWholeLotOfNothin says:

    Are the Video Apps working on beta 3?  Netflix, HBO GO, etc?

  40. gurnam says:

    Netflix did not work for me!

  41. Joseph Davis says:

    Excerpt from the Netflix Description of Version 1.3 

    “Full support for iOS 4.3.3 and 4.2.8 (Verizon). iOS 5 Beta releases are NOT supported.”

  42. Jazam2010 says:

    Volume shutter button is now enabled on the iPad.

  43. rosenkrieger says:

    Wrong – I can change Ringtones on two iPhone 4s without any problems
    Wrong – Facetime is also working fine on two iPhone 4s mine and the wifes

  44. appledrunk says:

    UDID Activations here guys:

  45. rosenkrieger says:

    Yes. I got two iPhone 4 GSM – both are working fine with Facetime now.

  46. Mind O-o says:

    what about e-mail signatures for each mail account?

  47. Roby145 says:

    Oh… Ya… There are also new Wallpapers :)

  48. Samuel Hughes says:

    I really wish they would migrate the wifi-sync to windows customers soon. I was hoping they would with this release but it still is MAC only, those bastards lol.

  49. Johnny says:

    My iPhone 4 has got the adaptive touch thing showing…. it won’t go away.

  50. Andy Creigh says:

    awesome just amazing from what i can see location services now can use cell towers on an ipod touch man oh man i have been waiting for this

  51. andy creigh says:

    ipod touch 4 facetime now works newsstand still isnt up hope that will be in next beta release

  52. andy creigh says:

    that is known as assistive touch in ios 5 beta version 1 and 2 it wasnt enabled you can enable and disable it in settings>general>accessibility>assistive touch

  53. andy creigh says:

    ipod touch working fine on it 

  54. theoPhobia says:

    Not sure if this is new, or I just never noticed it, but Safari on iPad has a field above the keyboard called “Find on Page” that only appears when you have the cursor in the browser search field. Previously, it was just in the list of search results when you start typing (like the iPhone)… this might have been in another beta and I just never noticed it. Anyone remember?

  55. Ryan Regalado says:

    Facetime over 3G???

  56. pkaine says:

    Would like to do this, can u direct me to a site?

  57. Matt Oliva ? says:

    its also working just fine on mine.  did you try just reloading beta 3 on it again? i know when i first loaded beta 1 the phone was missing alot of stuff so when i did it again it worked perfectly. 

  58. Matt Oliva ? says:


  59. Matt Oliva ? says:

    no chance, theres no data receiver in your ipod for cell tower data. 

  60. Matt Oliva ? says:


  61. Matt Oliva ? says:

    that wont be around till ios 5 is public. 

  62. HeyitsLinda says:

    Check on eBay I bought mine there for $4

  63. Brandon Pacheco says:

    go into settings/general/accessibility/assistive touch and turn it off

  64. Martay Hehe says:

    Fail. Anyone tried listening to previews in the itune store, with an iphone 4.

    The sound either works, or half works, or sounds like really bad 5.1 through 2 headphones.

  65. Martay Hehe says:

    Surely they will want to test it first.

  66. acondiff says:

    Does have crossfading between songs yet? I know the iPod nano has it but its never been included in iOS. Feedback would be appreciated.

  67. JoshObra says:

    Engadget says that there is no more grids on the iPad. Could place the app icon anywhere now.

    (From a jailbroken iPad 2 with iOS 5 beta 3)

  68. Tom Beech says:

    “You can create a new Mailbox directly from the Mailbox app by tapping the “New Mailbox” button.” This was in Beta 2

    ” On-phone setup sequence is more polished with more sections and animations.” is the same old apple logo?

  69. Shawn P. Cosgrove says:

    Heres a good bug in iOS5 Beta 3, Settings/Accessibility/White On Black, turns on and inverts screen colors. Then when I exit settings and go and select settings again to go back in and turn it off, Settings Crashes and now the White on Black cannot be turned off. Great. Shut Phone off and restarted and settings is still crashing. Looks like I will have to do a restore when I get home I guess.

    **Update, I let the device sit idle for a few minutes and tried the settings icon and it did not crash where I was then able to revert the settings. That’s a strange one**

  70. Shawn P. Cosgrove says:

    They changed bits of the streaming API, so Netflix will need to release an update.

  71. K Nuno Nugroho says:

    hi there, is anyone had problem with yahoo messenger too, mine got very screwed up, is app compatibility problem? it havent any changes since beta1 thx :D

  72. K Nuno Nugroho says:

    ouw, maybe someone already mention it , Notification center had new in app gesture, it just pop a little when u accidentally slide the top, it lot less disturbing when u played fruit ninja :D

  73. Andy Creigh says:

    no it says in the location services that it uses GPS along with crowd sourced wifi hotspots and CELL TOWER LOCATIONS to determine approximate location

  74. Andy Creigh says:

    because it isnt enabled 

  75. Andy Creigh says:

    im still having issues with imovie and splice whenever i try to input a video ugh sooo annoying i think they changed the way the ios devices save their videos a little digging around for devs should bring an update hopefully 

  76. Edward de Brincat says:

    Would be nice if they included some double click of any button to take you to your favorites contact list.  Similar to when we could double click the home button before multitasking was introduced.

  77. max stoller says:

    when you go to software update under settings>general>software update it says the version (5.0) and not just that no updates are available

  78. max stoller says:

    NO ur gay, a fucking ipod doesnt use cell phone towers…it might say that but if u think its true youre so fucking high

  79. max stoller says:

    stop posting so much…damn and ur safari crashed cause u jailbroke and didnt boot tethered dumb bitch

  80. Casey Kinsey says:

    I agree with Martay, they will test an OTA update at least once before the OS goes public.

  81. Andy Creigh says:

    supposedly you can but it hasent been implemented yet

  82. Andy Creigh says:

    as in i didnt mean it used the cell service i know it can not do that im not dumb but it will use the locations of towers according to the settings thats what im getting from it and it works maps also can be used offline for select areas it does work

  83. arya says:

    it doesn’t do that dude. and plus if it didnt have wifi it wouldnt be able to load the map info anyway.

  84. mai duc chung says:

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5

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