iMovie, GarageBand and iPhoto Have Been Updated



If you’ve ever dropped $14.99 on the Mac App Store for iPhoto ’11, iMovie ’11 or GarageBand ’11, you might want to check the update tab, because three large stability updates for the iLife trio have dropped. Here’s what is new.


iPhoto: What’s New In Version 9.1.5
This update supports general compatibility issues, and also addresses overall stability and performance. Minor issues addressed include:

• The date range of each event now updates correctly to reflect changes made to photos using the Adjust Time and Date command
• Addresses an issue that could cause the Photos view to scroll incorrectly when Event Titles are displayed
• Fixes a problem that could prevent Ken Burns animations from being applied correctly on photos in a saved Classic slideshow
• Deleting photos from a web album using the contextual menu now removes them from the album without deleting them from the library
• Addresses an issue that could prevent a crop adjustment from being removed from a photo when using the Revert to Original command


iMovie: What’s New In Version 9.0.4
This update improves overall stability and addresses a number of minor issues, including the following:

• Support for opening projects imported from iMovie for iOS.
• Fixes an issue where some audio adjustments were not preserved.
• Addresses a performance issue when using large quantities of video clips with keywords.
• Resolves issue with slow application launch when working with large iPhoto libraries.

GarageBand: What’s New In Version 6.0.4

This update supports general compatibility issues, and addresses overall stability and performance issues including the following:

• Fixes an issue with the GarageBand Lesson Store not completing single or multiple lesson downloads.
• Corrects issues with some tempo-based effects falling out of sync with main song tempo.
• Resolves problems with Magic GarageBand project files not opening up correctly in the GarageBand tracks view.

Update 07/11/2011 at 12:12 PM PDT: Approximately 30 minutes ago the updates for iMovie, GarageBand, and iPhoto were pushed out via Software Update for users that purchased the iLife suite on DVD. If you have multiple Macs that need updating you can download the updates once at, copy them to each Mac that needs updating, and perform the updates manually.