FlickKey Mini Shows How You Could Write Emails On The Next iPod Nano



Billing itself as the “World’s Smallest Keyboard,” The FlickKey Mini is a $2 iOS text editor and note taking app that offers the bare minimum of features. Look more closely, though, and FlickKey Mini looks a lot more interesting. Far from being just App Store dross, FlickKey Mini could offer a preview on how we’ll type on the next iPod Nano.

The idea’s simple. It replaces the usual iPhone keyboard with just six tiny keys, perfectly sized for a watchface. Each key, in turn, has nine alphanumeric or punctuation characters on it. To type, you simply tap one of the keys and flick it in the direction of the character you want.

What’s so interesting about FlickKey is that it actually works. You can type an email this way. If Apple ever upgrades the watch-sized iPod Nano to a true iOS device — and it seems like they’re heading in that direction — this would be the way you send Tweets, Facebook messages or emails, right from your watchface.

Try it yourself: download the free version here.

[via Gadget Lab]