After Foxconn Explosion, The Retina Display iPad HD Could Be Built By Pegatron [Report]



Apple is reportedly seeking a second iPad manufacturer to help meet demand of the device when the rumored ‘iPad 2 Plus’ is introduced later this year.

Fearing Foxconn alone will struggle to provide two iPads simultaneously, DigiTimes reports that Apple is seeking a second manufacturer to supply its popular tablet, according to “industry sources” in Taiwan. Quanta Computer and Pegatron Technology are being tipped as potential contenders for Apple’s business, however, having purportedly landed orders for the iPhone 5 already, Pegatron is believed to stand a better chance.

DigiTimes claims the recent explosion at the Foxconn factory in Chengdu, China back in May has forced Apple to seek an additional contractor:

Apple previously outsourced the production of iPad-series tablets to only Foxconn, which assembles the tablets mostly at its production base in Chengdu, western China. However, an explosion occurred at a Chengdu factory building on May 20 leaving three dead and 15 injured on May 20. The accident has forced Apple to seek a second contractor in order to minimize production risk.

The ‘iPad 2 Plus’, or ‘iPad HD’, is rumored to sell alongside the iPad 2 later this year, and will feature a high-resolution screen and a premium price tag aimed at “pro” customers who will use the device for photo and video production. One analyst recently claimed component makers have already received requests-for-quotes from Apple and that the device is set to launch later this year.

Despite this, a second supplier doesn’t necessarily point towards an additional iPad. Apple famously struggles to meet demand of its tablet in the months that follow the device’s launch, and these measures could simply be a step to ensuring a smoother iPad supply next time around.