You’ll “Pour” Files Between Future iOS Devices To Transfer Data [Patent]



A new Apple patent reveals an interesting new method of exchanging information between your devices through “metaphorical gestures” that would, for example, allow you to “pour” your files into your iPad by tipping your iPhone over it.

Similar to apps like Bump that exchange information between iOS devices simply by holding them together, or the HP TouchPad’s “Touch to Share” feature, Apple’s patent describes a method of exchanging information between devices in close proximity by using gestures, which are recognized by your device’s onboard motion sensors.

In one of Apple’s examples, which uses two devices that look similar to the iPhone and the iPad, the company demonstrates how users may “pour” information from one device to the other. Files displayed on each device are animated and emphasize the pouring effect by responding to gravity as the device is rotated. Apple also mentions a similar “vacuum” effect.

In some demonstrations, Apple describes how users can combine these gestures with touch input to physically move certain items, or transfer files to devices in a certain direction. So, if you have a number of devices in various locations around the room, you can flick information to a particular device. Touch gestures may also let you control velocity or speed, notes Patently Apple.

Of course, Apple’s patents are by no means a guarantee of things to come, but they give us a good indication of the things the company is working on.

I for one would welcome gestures like these to my iOS devices. What do you think?

[via MacRumors]

  • Iphoneication

    i think apples going to kick things up a notch very soon!,,,, so we have all heard of microsofts tabletop computer thingie right, and one of the demoes shows your photos spilling onto the tabletop from your camera,,

    so here is my apple guru speak: apple is going to do an iMac touch, a tilting mac with multitouch built right in,, and you will be able to literally pour your pictures on to your iPhoto app, or your work folder you need to work on,,, 

    multiouch mac is comming! i wanna say 3 years,,, my prediction,,

  • appledrunk

    It should also be noted they mention throwing files from say an iPad to your Mac! Pretty cool.

  • Barton Lynch

    so cool!!

  • RF9

    Pretty darn cool. Unlike half the patents they get that seem kind of far out, I could imagine actually seeing this one implemented.

  • neil hein

    what if you have the shakes?