Forget The iPhone 5, The Next iPod Touch Could Have 3G and VoIP



A very questionably sourced report claims that the next iPod Touch will join the iPad and iPhone and gain 3G data connectivity. That’s certainly always been the dream, and it would be enough for many iPhone users to ditch their cell phone contracts and go totally VoIP on a cheaper iPod Touch. But is it really plausible?

According to Applespot.Nl, which has no history accurately predicting Apple announcements.

This will be as his work as the iPhone, where you have a 3G subscription from your ISP, then the SIM card into your iPod Touch key. The choice to add to 3G iPod Touch lineup is not even a very bad idea from Apple, it was obviously true. The only question is how this is received by the telecom farmers, since the use of Skype then will shoot up considerably.

Look, I think everyone would like a 3G iPod Touch, but there’s two concerns here. One is that a 3G Cellular Radio adds a lot of bulk to a device, and for the iPod Touch to be 3G capable, it’d likely have to get thicker. Remember, Apple couldn’t even put a decent camera module into the iPod Touch because of space concerns… and the guts of a working 3G modem are a lot thicker than that.

Then there’s this question: would Apple really kill off the iPhone golden goose like that? Introduce a 3G capable iPod Touch and all of a sudden, you’ll have a lot of users migrating from a $699 smartphone to a sub-$300 PMP that can also work as their phone. That’s a lot of potentially lost profit.

Take this rumor with a grain of salt for now. I truly hope that the iPod Touch gets 3G at some point… but I just don’t think it’s likely to happen anytime soon. Maybe when the iPhone goes LTE?

  • Ken Goyette

    Really?! Would anyone even think of buying an iPhone? So you are telling me for 300 hundred dollars I can get an unlocked 3G iPhone? Or I can pay 600 for one?

  • FatSquirrel

    “Remember, Apple couldn’t even put a decent camera module into the iPod Touch because of space concerns… and the guts of a working 3G modem are a lot thicker than that.”

    Which is why we have been hearing rumors of a “teardrop”design.

  • Jin Kisaragi

    iTouch 5 + 3G = Cheaper iPhone 5

  • joewaylo

    I find it interesting John and Killian both posted the same idea for an article. Just 30 minutes too late.

  • appledrunk

    Maybe this site made it up out of thin air but it does make you wonder if this is what Apple is planning as an iPhone lite to have alongside the iPhone 5, to compete with cheaper Android phones.

  • MacGoo

    I’ll say it again: Apple won’t ever add 3G to the iPod Touch. However, they may simply add the guts for the phone. With this, they’ll fall in line with their other line of iOS devices, the iPad. Think about it: Wifi iPad. 3G iPad. Wifi iPhone. 3G iPhone. Plus, you could buy the phone for about the same price as an iPod Touch, contract free and without any data requirements. Contract free iPhone with no data charges? DO want. With the ubiquity of wifi connections in my area, this is all I’d need.

  • Remco

    I really don’t think apple would do that. cause it than will be way to easy to just jailbreak the thing and start making phone calls with it. They would sell a lot less iPhone’s that way and Apple just can’t afford that.

  • Bob Whipple

    I don’t care as much about 3G capability as much as just dumb phone capability. Even with my iPhone 4, I do most of my data stuff over WiFi (Thus I pay $15/mo for data). I would LOVE to see an iPod Touch with voice capability. No required data charges, and it would meet my needs while cutting my bill a LOT. I think most would still go for the iPhone because of it’s ability to access data anywhere, but for myself, I would gladly give up that in order to reduce my annual tel/com costs considerably.

  • Meella

    Well, have 3G, and with the iCloud and iMessage, then the iPod Touch also can send message and have call! Totally a like a cheaper version of the iPhone, or should named as iPad Mini?
    Oh, amazing and crazy!
    BTW, You could get more iPad info here.

  • CharliK

    Assuming this is true, the prices will all go up. Why? Licensing for the 3g tech. 

  • CharliK

    I  have to agree. I don’t see them putting 3g in the touch. Upping the size to 5-7inches for gaming sure. But not 3g. 

    What I could see is going the other way and taking 3g data out of the iphone. Perhaps that would be the ‘cheap’, ‘nano’ version. Wifi and Voice no need for a data plan

  • CharliK

    The only way in the US to get an unlocked GSM iphone 4 is to buy it full price. So $649 or $749 plus sales tax

    the $300 iphone is due to carrier subsidy and ATT won’t allow ‘legal’ unlocking of an iphone they are subsidizing

  • MacGoo

    Exactly what I said – thanks for reiterating.

  • jvillela10

    I highly doubt Apple will go ahead and create a 3G iPod Touch. Although I think they are fully capable of creating a 3G version of the device thin as it already is and with a better camera; it still wouldn’t be good for business. iPhone sales could drop, significantly but in part, and at the same time it would create some conflict between the VoIP companies. It would be a mess, which we all know, Apple avoids; unless their patents are involved. But the idea is very appealing.

  • David Zhang

    first , im 16 , and honestley, if ipod thouch 5 had 3g and voip, then what’s the point of the new 5th phone, if people could just use a cheap version of iphone, plus why make something similar to the iphone without the ability to make phone calls? thats just so stupid, kids my age would rather use ipod touch for something like games and music, or they can just go for an iphone if they wanted to. really , no point for 3g at all!

  • William Wilson

    I like the idea of 3G on the iPod Touch.  But I still want my iPhone for overall phone and texting purposes.  I don’t think this is going to do much in terms of iPhone sales, perhaps at the most just a little bit of damage. 

    For my purposes: I travel a lot overseas, and your typical pocket 3G wi-fi can only last 4 hours at most without having to charge.  Despite iOS devices’ conundrum of battery issues, this can still be an answer to pocket wi-fi if it allows for hotspot tethering.

  • ApplePr0n

    No thanks, Apple wouldnt cannabalize their iPhone sales. Also, I’d want LTE