Everyone Loves Using An iPad In The Evening


Photo by Louis Abate - http://flic.kr/p/7SmCrA
Photo by Louis Abate - http://flic.kr/p/7SmCrA

The iPad is becoming the perfect evening companion. Usage of Apple’s tablet peaks between 8pm and bedtime, with the PC relegated to the bleary-eyed early morning and mid-morning, new research finds.

Tablet users follow a very distinct pattern, according to one website’s review of data from the Bit.ly link-shortening service. “Usage dips after breakfast, remains low during traditional working hours and does not peak until later in the evening,” writes ReadWriteWeb.

Weekends are another time when the iPad dominates gadgets, particularly between 8 am and 3 pm. “No other device sees a heavy increase of use during the weekends, showing that the iPad is used as an entertainment device and differs from both smartphones and browsers,” the report adds.

If the iPad is the comfy couch of computing, the PC and smartphone are essentially the alarm clock and water cooler for the working day. The smartphone is usually checked in early morning to check headlines in the morning, while PC usage spikes when we arrive at work.

The findings match my own habit of using the PC during the work day. Once work is finished, I grad the iPad, like slipping into a comfy pair of slippers. The iPad is for evenings. Apple is free to use that phrase in their next tablet commercial.

How does your iPad use stack up?

  • Chris Brunner

    It’s true! My wife and a are waiting for the next-gen iPad (whatever it’ll be called) to get a 2nd one for the family. My kids love it, too. We could really use 6 iPads, but let’s not get crazy here!


  • Ahmed Alkhuzae

    i wake up to 20 minutes of my ipad checnk the email and everything 
    ( a job formerly for my iphone ) 

    i go to college , with nothing but my ipad 
    ,, its my books , notes , recorder  and lastly chatting device when class is boring :P

    whenever im in the car and i have a friend with me 
    ,, the ipad is the entertainmant device for him 

    and yes ofcourse i use it at night

    basicly my ipad is what i use alot more than my 
    new white macbook , or the iphone 4 
    .. its the reason i wont update my laptop ever again , i hardly ever touch it

  • tiresius

     As I turn in at night,  I switch on a White Noise app and a Big Clock with my iPad.  

      Since you can swipe to dim the screen, the clock doesn’t totally illuminate the room. When I wake up, the clock app also gives me the outside temp.  

      If it also made my morning coffee, brushed my teeth,  and threw me into the shower, I’d be good to go.

  • Kayneeezy

    Pretty similar.. First thing I look at in the Morning is my iPhone.. I usually grab my iPad and take it to work but only use it when I want to read my Zite articles.. Use the PC and my Phone through the work day.. and when I get into bed I pull out the iPad again to read, browse and sometimes tweet or watch movies.

  • Matthias Breuer

    I’m a grad student – I have my iPad (and my iPhone) with me every day at school. I keep almost all my textbooks or scripts (scanned as PDFs) on there and use it to read on the train, take notes, write some of my homework assignments and even drafts for reports (I also use the iPhone + BT keyboard for some of these tasks).

    On the other hand, I use my MBP 13″ more when I’m home in my dorm room – in the evening and on weekends, mostly…so I’m pretty much the opposite of those statistics. That being said, I guess my usage might be somewhat different if I had an 11″ Air instead of my MBP…

  • gareth edwards

    I used mine to breath new life into my old Denon mini system & BlueRoom speakers. Use it to play iPlayer radio shows most nights in bed which is a winner.  It gets a lot of use in the lounge, web browsing and the odd game but it’s in the bedroom where I get the most use out of it.

  • Christa Whiteman

    I work in healthcare and use my iPad for patient documentation, so my iPad gets used all day. In the evening, I’m tired of looking at screens, but I may use my iPhone to check Facebook

  • breck

    perhaps a bit off-subject, but the clutter on the nightstand in the photo above reminded of a very elegant option for us who need to charge our iPad and iPhone every evening > http://goo.gl/3trkY

  • Ben Maxwell

    Couldn’t agree more.  I do the same thing.  Especially The Daily’s crossword puzzle before bed.

  • R.W. Elti

    Funny I use my iPad each evening to stream a full movie off of Netflix, and surf the web, and I no-way need to charge it but every like 4th day.

    If you are charging your iPad every night you might consider taking it in for replacement.

  • Matt Ward

    perfect for on the couch. Thats all there is too it.