JailbreakMe 3.0 Hacked Over 1,000,000 Devices On Launch Day



The long-awaited relaunch of the JailbreakMe exploit from Comex finally went live yesterday, and in one day alone, the service hacked a staggering 1,000,000 devices.

It’s no wonder the jailbreak has been popular. It is undoubtedly the easiest method of breaking into your iOS device, with no need for a computer or any real technical prowess. Users simply have to navigate to the JailbreakMe website within Safari on their device and start the process, which performs its magic incredibly quickly.

One iPhone Dev-Team member announced on Twitter less than a day after the service went live that over 1,000,000 devices had already been jailbroken.

It’s an impressive figure, and indicates the service has already been utilized by over one fifth of the iOS jailbreaking community. Estimates suggest that around three to five percent of the total iOS market have hacked their devices, and with 1,000,000 devices already jailbroken by JailbreakMe 3.0, the service has reached one percent of the market.

If you’d like to be the next person to take advantage of JailbreakMe 3.0, check out our guides on jailbreaking your iPhone & iPod touch, and your iPad, the right way.

Did you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad through Comex’s JailbreakMe website? How’d it go for you?

[via AppAdvice]

  • cheesmo

     I jailbroke my iPad 2 16GB WiFi, and it was super easy. I don’t really know that I’m that interested in doing any real modification though because I’d mainly just do that on my Android phone. I will probably just go ahead an update it next time. I don’t see much value in hacking my device. If I had an iPhone, or a iPad 3G, I could see some value in it.

  • Jordan Clay

    That is a half of a percent of all iOS devices sold to date.  Could it have failed a few times for some people and they be double counted.   That just sounds like a lot

  • Oliviu Gagiu

    I jailbroke my iPad2 3G 64GB yesterday out of nerd curiosity.
    It was extremely easy to install it from the website. Great work by comex. 
    Looked through the cydia store and installed the pdf patch as well as 1 App (SBSettings) I found useful. Afterwards, my iPad became visibly slower when starting or switching between Apps.

    Today I tried to update my RSS Reader from the Appstore directly on the iPad. The update stalled and the iPad became unresponsive (the first time since i got the iPad that something like this happened). Power button did not shut down the iPad. By using the power + home button combo I managed to reset it but then the iPad was stuck in the reboot loop, showing only the Apple logo.
    Had to restore my iPad to factory defaults and restore from backup.
    Conclusion for me: never ever gonna use a jailbreak again.

  • appledrunk

    Stellar work from comex and the rest of the iPhone Dev-Team. Goes to show that people want a simply easy to use jailbreak. A lot of folks probably did it out of sheer curiosity.


  • JayeDee369

    Okay, if there’s a simpler way to jailbreak…then you’re an idiot! This is awesome, just jailbroke my iPad2, my iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G LOL…can’t wait to use this on the 5. Yeah I know it probably won’t work on the 5 but I know this dude is working on a jailbreak for that too. But comex I do have one piece of advice-please protect your stuff man, because of some idiot we almost didn’t have this jailbreak

  • Tony Killen

    Did it and after a couple of hours my phone froze on the start-up screen. Found it to be a bit buggy, probably just me though. May give it another go soon.

  • davewyman

    I think I should have waited a bit for user reports – I note a couple people here, like me, have had some problems. Glowing reports from other users don’t necessarily mean they’ve played around with the jailbreak much.

  • davewyman

    My iPad ain’t broken if it ain’t fixed.  I’m still waiting for a camera connection fix. 

    After downloading Cydia, I purchased a tethering app, which for now is money wasted, because I need to be able to download photos to my iPad. I’m hoping for a quick fix – the “fixed tomorrow” promises doesn’t seem to have been fulfilled.

  • GooberGear

    agreed. I jailbreaked ipad 2 (4.3.3) and iphone 4 (4.2.8). I have noticed a number of legacy apps that were compatible for the iPad keeps crashing. The manual process of deleting, reinstalling, restoring, and then [debugging|waiting for a fix|living w/out the app](depending on which road you take) takes away from the greatness of jailbreaking. Not to mention that saving your SHSH file (using TinyUmbrella or something) may be worth mentioning before a jailbreak, as Apple will stop signing them at some point.