Apple: iOS Users Have Downloaded 15 Billion Apps, 75 Apiece



It’s a wonder iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users have time for anything but click on the App Store icon. Apple announced Thursday 15 billion apps have been downloaded in the three years the iTunes store has been open.

Some 200 million iOS users have downloaded an average of 75 apps to get that total, according to the Cupertino, Calif. company. The App Store now contains a total of 425,000 apps – 100,000 native iPad entries. More intriguing is this factoid: 1 billion apps were downloaded in just the last month.

In June, the tech giant announced App Store users had downloaded 14 billion apps since the iTunes store opened. By comparison, it took nine months for the first 1 billion apps to be downloaded.

Although we’re not sure how many of the 15 billion apps downloaded were free, Apple did say this morning it has paid $2.5 billion to developers so far.

How big is your app library? Do you have more or less than 75 apps on your iPhone or iPad? Let us know.

  • rang3r

    I’ve got more than a hundred apps right now :))

  • Speech_Geek

    Only five apps but that’s because I sacrificed apps for music. I would have around twenty on my iPod Touch if there was room.

  • Barton Lynch

    I have 76, but I just went through the other day and deleted all of the unused ones.

  • Wayne_Luke

    Guess I have done my part. I have downloaded over 500 apps for my iPad. Unlike the other commenter, I sacrificed music for Apps. I just use Home Streaming for music and if on the road, I will sync my most popular music, a couple of movies, and cut down on apps.

  • James M

    I’ve always been curious as to how they come about these numbers.  If I download an app to my phone and then download it to iTunes before I sync is that two downloads?  Do updates count as downloads?  What if I update to my phone and then before syncing update iTunes?  Is that two downloads?

  • 5imo

    325 on my iPhone 4  400+ on my PC (soon to be Mac)

  • KillianBell

    Worryingly, I have over 800 in my iTunes library, with over 100 on my iPhone. Is that an obsession, do you think?

    I blame it on my occupation!

  • nthnm

    I’m not sure how many I have on my phone. I just deleted a bunch. But there are 300+ on my computer, the majority of which I don’t use and never will use again.

  • Johnnyboy360

    I remember downloading about 120 free apps about 6 months before I actually got my iPod Touch. It was my first one and I was originally meant to get it last christmas but I changed it for a bike. At the time, I was upset. Come September, I was glued to my laptop watching the Event and when I see it, I was glad the waiting had paid off! Now, I have about 300 apps, both paid and free!

  • Jose-Luis Marin

    wow. u just found out that i downloaded 817 apps. 

  • gilbertogalea

    Great!, I just download for Ipad about 60 apps, only need to 15 more apps to stay average…