Final Cut Pro 6/7 Project Support Is Never Coming To Final Cut Pro X



Yesterday, Apple held a private briefing for enterprise contracts in London about Final Cut Pro X, and if you’re a Final Cut Pro X customer hoping that Apple will be patching in missing functionality like XML import and project support for Final Cut Pro 6 and 7, well, sorry chief: you’re just out of luck.

A summary of Apple’s remarks at the Final Cut Pro X briefing were posted to Twitter by aPostEngineer. Here’s the salient points:

1. FCP XML in/out is coming via 3rd party soon…no FCP 6/7 support project support coming ever it seems…

2. Ability to buy FCP7 licenses for enterprise deployments coming in the next few weeks… 

3. FCPX EDL import/export coming soon…

4. FCPX AJA plugins coming soon for tape capture and layback…capture straight into FCPX [events]. 
5. XSAN support for FCPX coming in the next few weeks… 
6. FCPX Broadcast video output via #Blackmagic & @AJAVideo coming soon… 
7. Additional codec support for FCPX via 3rd Parties coming soon… 
8. Customizable sequence TC in FCPX for master exports coming soon… 
9. Some FCPX updates will be free some will cost…

Essentially, the two big features people are clammoring for, Apple’s not going to address. If you want XML import or export, you’ll have to lay out for a third-party add-on. And don’t ever expect to import Final Cut Pro 6 or 7 project files. Apple’s moving on.

Another interesting concession is that Apple is going to allow enterprise customers to purchase additional Final Cut Pro 7 licenses. That ought to at least give professionals time to wait for Final Cut Pro X to be patched with enough third-party add ons to be a viable part of their workflow.

[via MacRumors]

  • Karl Werner

    Is it just me or does Apple seem to be making a mad dash for the middle.  I liked them better when they were the red headed step child of the computer world.

  • Ivonne Spinoza

    This is just awful. I’m considering going back to Avid or Premiere and I know I’m not alone… I mean, I can keep using FCP7, but it won’t be supported much longer seeing as for Apple it is “old” software now :/

  • Geof Abruzzi

    Sad.  Just sad.

  • imajoebob

    When will Apple’s propensity for giving established customers the big FU finally come back to bite them?  Microsoft may sell crap products, but they don’t (as a business model) poke their old customers in the eye. Over and over and over again.

    There is simply no excuse for not providing a tool to import files from the last version of your software.  None.  This isn’t a platform change – and Apple figured out how to upgrade PPC to Intel versions of software; it’s not an OS change – and Apple figured out ways to use OS 9 software on OS X.  This is a VERSION upgrade.  My God! MS figured out how to import Word documents from DOS to Windows, but Apple can’t port FCP7 to FCPX?  It’s not just stupid, unconscionable, and disrespectful, it’s UNPROFESSIONAL.

    BTW, how long will this version last?  Will I get more than the 24 months I got from a THOUSAND DOLLAR INVESTMENT in FC Studio???

  • martinberoiz

    Apple Y U NOT FCP7 SUPPORT!!!

  • A Lee Adair

    So true… Initially Apple stated that the incompatibility was due the the “new advanced architecture” used by FCP”ex”, making it sound like it was a 64 bit architecture issue.  Well, AVID and Adobe seemed to make that leap just fine.  As Apple has made clarifying statements, it now seems to be due to their insistence on denying that “tracks” can or should exist.

    Bottom line – I had an FCP wishlist that included native MXF support, 64 bit processing, updates or integration of DVD Studio Pro and Color functionality; not hard stuff.  Instead, we get a bastard product that I’d compare to a radical new car design – sexy body if you can find the doors, 1000 hp engine governed to 90 hp and only one wheel (but third-party vendors will sell you new wheel mounts at an unspecified later date…)

  • Vladyslav Lissovenko

    apple shits on pro’s

  • Lance_G

    Microsoft doesn’t poke their customers in the eye? You’ve obviously never owned an XBOX 360.

    And I wouldn’t say that FCP X is just a version upgrade over FCP7. This is a complete rewrite, a complete change in architecture, and a complete change in how a user edits using the app.

    Comparing this to Microsoft is interesting in that many would argue that holding on to legacy code and focusing so much on reverse compatibility has really limited Microsoft’s ability to advance their platform. But that’s another subject.

    People are going to bitch about this for a bit, but a year from now no one will even mention it. Change hurts. And Apple has never shyed away from embracing it. If your workflow is hampered by the new FCP X, then just keep using FCP7 until the time is right for you to make the switch. Trust me. There will not be a mass exodus away from FCP. People will make the switch…sooner or later. And FCP will keep improving as a new product with each update.

  • Lucas K Allmon

    Then do it and close your mouth. The empty threats are getting old, the change has happened.

    EDIT: I didn’t mean to come off so mean, it’s just getting tiring listening to people whine about the change, when they can still use Final Cut Pro. Eventually, like OSX, it will come to far surpass its previous incarnation and people will wonder why they were using the old version.


    Um, There are thousands of programs that become incompatible with Windows every “software upgrade” Windows Vista (6) to windows 7 make tons of apps useless. Look at their mobile phone! NO WINDOWS 6.5 APPS CAN RUN ON WINDOWS 7. 

    That is a .5 software update!!!!!

    So please, think before you type good sir. 


    Same thing people said with the massive change of iMovie HD to the new iMovie. The dust (and your frustration) will settle with time. 

  • Ivonne Spinoza

    It’s not really empty treats. I looooove my mac and its associated stuff, but this is ridiculous. I have, in fact, already re-installed Avid and Premiere to try to get comfortable with them again after all these years of snubbing them while favoring FCP…

    And I really hope you’re right about the future of the program because I really, REALLY like FCP and have been using it for ~8 years, but right now sadly IT IS USELESS to do any PRO work and feels like a bloated iMovie :/

  • Ivonne Spinoza

    iMovie isn’t a professional program and has never been. Furthermore, the changes weren’t a slap in the face of a stablished profession that needs some tools to work with and got them removed just because Apple felt like it. It is a VERY different situation.

  • Ivonne Spinoza

    Pretty much.

  • CharliK

    Apple was very clear that they did a total rewrite from the ground up. This wasn’t just adding a couple of bits here and there. So not really a version ‘upgrade’ at all. 

    Most of us pro editiors understood this. We planned for it by looking at the projects we were up to do, calculating our seat needs and adding more way back in April for safety. Sure we might not need them but you write them off for your taxes and a lot of it is a wash. Better that than not having them

  • CharliK

    That are some new comments about the license thing. Apple apparently never said they were going to allow folks to buy more. They are looking into it. there are legal issues, probably licensing  related, they have to figure out before they can decide what they will do

  • Anthony

    Yeah the total rewrite was taking iMovie, updating it, and slapping on a final cut sticker. I’m sorry, but this is just inexcusable. You can import old iMovie projects but not FC6 or 7? People bash Adobe but at least with each new version of software I can still load projects built in previous versions.

  • Lucas K Allmon

    If history helps predict the future, then in a couple years when FCPX matures, expect to see Premiere start using the “magnetic timeline” paradigm. Just like they did when Premiere updated from 6.0 to Pro, and copied Final Cuts nested timeline paradigm.

    Ironically, Adobe got a similar backlash back then as well, even though the Final Cut method was far superior. 

    Also, theres a huuuuuugee disparity between you not knowing how to use something, and it being “useless”. You’ve got what, 5 years of FCP under your belt? How much FCPX do you have? A few hours?

  • Ivonne Spinoza

    And support is back (at least partly) since the last update, which means Apple itself didn’t think those of us who need certain tools and options to get work done were just being annoying complainers…