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Turn Your iPad 2 Into A MacBook Air With This $50 Case



We’ve seen keyboard style cases before, but rarely with this level of panache: the Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case is made in a similar material and shape to the iPad 2, turning your Apple tablet into a reasonable simulacrum of the MacBook Air.

If you’re familiar with the ZaggMate case, you’ll know the idea behind the Aluminum Keyboard Buddy. Close the case and it keeps your display protected, but swing it open and the interior of the case reveals a Bluetooth keyboard, perfect for more long form typing. Flip the entire case around so your iPad lies face up inside it for normal use.

Very attractive, and we’re particularly impressed by how the case’s own manufacturer dings the case for only holding the iPad at one fixed angle over on their official blog. They keyboard even has its own lithium-polymer battery, which can be recharged through USB.

Seems like a total steal to us for just $50.

[via Gadget Lab]