Spotify Is Officially Coming To The States



It’s official. Spotify — that wonderful streaming music service that operates like the most fully packed iTunes library in the world — is finally coming to the United States.

Using $100 million in funding that the European company recently acquired, Spotify will fund a U.S. launch that has all the signs of being imminent: for example, Spofify is now taking email addresses for people interested in beta signups.

The timing is interesting. Facebook is scheduled to announce a new project later today. Rumors currently point to that project being Project Spartan, Facebook’s would-be App Store killer, but Spotify integration with Facebook has also been strongly tipped. Could Facebook’s big announcement slated for later today be Spotify support?

Either way, Spotify can’t launch in America soon enough. Although Rdio has been a good domestic alternative, Spotify has the best apps in their business, and the iOS app is particularly slick.

Will you sign up for Spotify when it launches?

  • crateish

    It’s my understanding that it will be with much more restrictive limits, expense, and more advertising. Do we know the exact details yet?

    If it ends up being another flavor of Pandora, then I’m not interested.

  • bplano

    I believe you heard correctly. It’s like Grooveshark with Pandora-esque limits, or at least, that’s what it seems like it will be.

  • djrobsd

    Still trying to figure out why this keeps being Front page news.  I’ve had Napster for years on my iPhone, Mac, and PC, and it’s just awesome, I can save playlists, albums, or individual tracks for offline listening.  Their catalog is vast, and features pretty much all the major artists, and plenty of indie labels.  They don’t have everything, but no one music service will… only $9.99 a month and it works great my my iPhone 4.

  • Mssangol

    Advertising in a paid model? This is an European service..!

  • Rickard Andersson

    Glad to hear that USA finally gets to enjoy this splendid music service. It’s about time if you ask me. I’ve used Spotify for several years and it has for sure changed the way I consume music… to the better I might add. But as for Facebook integration.. as far as I understand Facebook and Spotify integration is already available. At least in terms of sharing playlists among your Facebook friends.