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Will Apple Release a High-Resolution ‘iPad 2 Plus’ This Year?



Just as Apple recovers from the overwhelming launch demand of its iPad 2, one analyst says the company is preparing to release a second device before year end, with a high-resolution display dubbed the “iPad 2 Plus.”

Citing sources in Apple’s supply chain, Craig Berger with FBR Capital Markets issued a note to investors in which he says iPad component makers have received requests-for-quotes from Apple for another iPad model that will sell alongside the iPad 2, rather than an entirely new third-generation device.

While no production schedule has been confirmed, Berger says the device will boast a pixel density greater than the current model:

“We hear Apple could migrate the iPad’s display resolution from a current pixel density of 132 (pixels per inch) to 250-300 ppi for the ‘iPad 2 Plus’ (note that the iPhone 4’s screen is 326 ppi).”

However, Berger himself seems slightly skeptical about the claims, and says that while the information is “interesting,” he would need to hear more about the new model before “fully believing” that the “iPad 2 Plus” will launch this year.

Berger says a second iPad in 2011 would diminish productions volumes during fourth quarter as suppliers like LG and Samsumg struggle to meet demand. He said these companies would “likely have difficulties” increasing production of high-resolution displays immediately.

This follows a DigiTimes report published last week which also claims a third iPad was recently added to the production schedule and is set to release alongside the iPhone 5 this September.

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