Verizon Will Kill Off Unlimited iPhone Data On Thursday


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It’s finally happened, the window is closing. Verizon has killed off its unlimited iPhone data plan and has instituted tiered data caps. Here are the new plans, going into effect on Thursday. Warning: for most people, they kinda suck.

If you sign up for an iPhone after Thursday, you’ll have four data options: $10 for 75 MB per month, $30 for 2 GB, $50 for 5 GB or $80 for 10 GB.

If you are already a Verizon subscriber, of course, you’ll be grandfathered into unlimited data.

Honestly, these prices are pretty terrible. AT&T charges $25 a month for 2GB, while Verizon charges $5 more. Sure, Verizon has a 10GB plan, but that’s an extreme use case. At the other end of the spectrum, AT&T charges just $5 more for 200MB per month.

One big saving grace of these plans is that AT&T charges you $15 for every 200MB you go over your data cap in a month, while Verizon is charging $10 per gig. That’s far more reasonable.

Ultimately, if you are the sort of person who frequently goes over his data cap, Verizon’s a better deal. For most customers, though, it seems as if signing up with AT&T for an iPhone data plan would be a better bet.

What do you think of Verizon’s new data plans? Let us know in the comments.

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44 responses to “Verizon Will Kill Off Unlimited iPhone Data On Thursday”

  1. Chris Brunner says:

    As someone who is grandfathered into AT&T’s unlimited data plan I suggest you Verizoneers jump on this deal before it’s too late!


  2. Garrett Mickley says:

    I wish one of these providers would start a 1GB plan.  I never use more than 500mb a month, but I always use more than 200mb.

  3. Porkknights says:

    Try living in South Africa where our fixed line data costs double that! (At only 4mbit/sec)

  4. Brilliant_Thinker says:

    Greedy suits are killing the Internet. You would think with everything else getting faster and bigger they would be able to get with the times, but no, they try to make us believe the progress just magically stops “NO SORRY WE R RUNNING OUT OF INTERNETS SO WE NEED TO CAP IT SO EVERYONE CAN HAVE SOME INTERNETS” What a load of bullshit, they are just trying milk people even more.

    Just wait for them making the shift from mobile to desktop.

  5. macgizmo says:

    Considering the data speeds are much faster on AT&T and it looks Verizon “ain’t all that” like people thought it would be.

  6. crateish says:

    Yep. Did the same and glad to be with AT&T. All cell phone providers suck in their own way, but in my experience, they suck the least.

  7. Eric Barbosa says:

    but when a 4G iPhone comes out will we also get unlimited 4G service too? or will we also be capped

  8. Christa Whiteman says:

    Ugh! I have unlimited data on Verizon for my iPhone 4, but I was planning to get the iPhone 5 next month and pass down my 4 to my husband. I’ll get the fancy new phone, but not nearly as much data….. boo!

  9. datamanapp says:

    New Verizon users should now consider using an app like DataMan Pro for iPhone, which is already popular with AT&T users, to prevent overage charges. DataMan tracks your cellular data usage every 10 minutes, giving you daily, weekly and monthly usage statistics. Plus, it warns you in real-time when you exceed your custom usage thresholds, geotags your data activities, and works with all carriers.

  10. Wayne_Luke says:

    That cheap tier data limit really sucks… 75MB? Get real. Oh well. I am grandfathered in on Unlimited Data with AT&T so… 85% of my connections are done on WiFi as it is. Home, Work, Friends, Coffeeshop, Supermarket, Restaurants. Everything has WiFi these days. Heck, the city I live in is talking about blanketing the entire city in free WiFi using towers placed on public property.

  11. Slash_Cynic says:

    Just get a cheap android and wait for the iPhone 6.

  12. Slash_Cynic says:

    At least Verizon users can make phone calls.

  13. Slash_Cynic says:

    Can you make calls though? How often do they drop?

  14. Ken McCay says:

    Another money maker…….

  15. Richard Waltman says:

    I’m sorry but if you only need 75 mb of data you don’t deserve an iPhone. As for me, I still have an ATT unlimited plan and never going to let go.

  16. GitPicker says:

    Read between the lines.  It’s $10 for 75MB, but another $10 ($20 total) get you 1GB+.  On ATT, $15 gets you only 250MB.  Why not spend another fin for 4x bandwidth?

    I guess it all depends on what you need.  Email isn’t going to chew up a gig of data, which leaves plenty for casual browsing.  Doing serious surfing?  Go find a hotspot…

  17. Hu Meris says:

    75MB? That’s one photograph of my neighbors wife.

    ATT has its drawbacks but I’m sticking with them.

  18. Clinton Verley says:

    Unlimited data will be grandfathered in even on a new handset, like the iPhone 5.

  19. Harry- says:

    i guess u better buy Motorola razr to make calls! ATT aint that bad as advertized. caps are there to make money and not to make servers heavy!  So now Verizon has come back to its dirty tricks less than 6 mos after acquiring iPhone!

  20. Harry- says:

    I makes calls! use unlimited data thats faster than Verizon! u wanna make calls? get a Motorolla razr dude!!! 

  21. Jim Stockert says:

    well, even though I’m grandfathered into unlimited, most of my usage is still wifi, which doesn’t count against my data usage, that being said I consistently go over 75MB a month, I can’t see how you couldn’t.  There are months where I don’t seem to use it as much and am under 250MB, but I always, ALWAYS, go over 75MB, seems like a trap by Verizon setting up people for extra payments because they will always go over their plan.

  22. Taylor Ereio says:

    Guys, Chill out. The 75mb makes sense. It’s $10 for ever gig you go over right? Think of it like this.

    $20 for 1099mb (1024+75)There’s your 1gb plan for 20 dollars.