Hacker Group Anonymous Hits Apple, Releasing Minor User Data



Apple became the latest target of the infamous hacker group Anonymous over the holiday weekend as user data of visitors to a website were released on Twitter.

The group of hackers, who earlier this month dumped a mountain of emails from the Arizona police website, Monday provided its Twitter fans with a link to data that included the usernames and passwords for visitors to an Apple-run survey site.

Although on Monday, the abs.apple.com site reportedly displayed an error message, Tuesday the website bore just the Apple Inc. logo.

On Sunday, Anonymous noted on Twitter it had released user data of just 27 visitors to the website, however in a thinly-veiled threat warned “Apple could be a target, too. But don’t worry, we are busy elsewhere,” according to Reuters. Weekend reports linked the activity by Anonymous to LulzSec, a security-conscious off-shoot organization of hackers. The group used a security flaw in Apple software to gain access to the site, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Apple had no comment on the hacking, according to reports. With only two dozen users affected, your data is likely safe… but how long until Apple is the target of a more aggressive hacking attempt?