New MacBook Airs to Boast High-Speed 400MBps Flash Memory


MacBook Airs Side-by-Side

In addition to a fancy new processor and Intel’s super speedy Thunderbolt technology, Apple’s upcoming MacBook Air may also boast the latest high-speed 400MBps flash memory.

According to a report from Japanese blog Macotokara, a person with an “Asian electronics company” has revealed Apple will adopt the latest 19-nanometer process for NAND flash offering 400MBps speed dubbed “Toggle DDR 2.0” — replacing the Blade X-gale technology found in the current MacBook Airs.

The new flash will reportedly be packaged on a smaller chip and will be soldered directly onto the new MacBook Air’s motherboard — similar to the RAM on the current model. This means storage will no longer be user upgradeable, however, it will cheaper and a lot faster.

The Open NAND Flash Interface Working Group released the ONFI 3.0 specification for 400MBps speeds in March of this year, however, most memory companies are yet to offer chips compatible with the new technology. Samsung and Toshiba, who have both provided flash memory to Apple in the past, are yet to join the ONFI initiative, but other chip makers, such as Micron, Intel, Spansion and SandForce are on board.

Apple’s next-generation of MacBook Airs are expected to launch this month alongside the OS X Lion operating system, which hit its Gold Master release last week, and is expected to go public within the coming weeks.

  • chromey

    Really hope they have backlit keyboards.

  • Iliy Naidenoff

    … that two , but how about more storage!

  • Mystakill

    I’m staying away from Airs and iMacs until Apple makes them easier for end-users to upgrade.

  • Shameer Mulji

    As far as the masses or non-techies are concerned, we’re moving away from the era of “upgradeable” computers to the era of “non-upgradeable disposable” computers.  Upgradeable computers or as SJ likes to call them “trucks” will be available for only a niche set of customers that truly need them.

    I’m not saying if this is right or wrong but that’s the way I see things heading. Just my 2 cents.

  • Mystakill

    Sorry, but at these prices, Macs are anything but “disposable”.  If The Steve decides to go the same way on MBP’s in the future, I’ll either be running a Hackintosh or switching back to Windows when that time comes.

  • Drew Dellasega

    Is the new generation seriously going to launch this month??

  • AriRomano

    hm… if they have backlit keyboards, the mbp i’m going to receive this week will go straight back to apple and i’ll get an mba x.X ok, they should also have firewire…

  • prharris2

    Why does this mean it will be cheaper?  Newer + faster usually equals more expensive.  With this new tech not being user replaceable – it seems absurd.  In a year or 2 prices for ssd-s will be 1/4 what they are now.  Repacement – a that point – would be a very nice option.

    As an aside:  To tha “backlit keyboard” crew – OK ENOUGH ALREADY ya whiney wretches.

  • Tombo

    At some point, when you are cramming that much stuff into such a small area for a specialized computer (all-in-one, ultralight), you are going to have to break away from the bulky common beige-box components. As a consumer you have to weigh that against what you’re getting.

    I have a Mac Pro because I like the workable-desktop, but I can definitely see the allure of the simplicity of an iMac on my desk.

  • Jeffrey Siegel

    They are going to be un-openable by the end user. That’s the ongoing path that Apple believes it. The new Airs are having their SSD memory soldered onto the motherboard as well as the RAM. Nothing will be upgradeable. If that’s not acceptable to you, then you shouldn’t consider buying Apple products. For people like me it’s fine. I never want to open it. When they have a better/faster/newer one that I want, I go buy it and hand the last one down to a kid or a friend. 

  • Caspian Prince

    Please change “however, it will cheaper and a lot faster.” to “however, it will be cheaper and a lot faster.”

  • techgeek01

    What if you need more memory or storage?  The way Apple is going with the MBA you’re going to have to buy a new computer if you want more memory or storage capacity. So, what usually cost you maybe $100 to $200 has became $1000, $1500 or more. 

    If you want to buy a new computer to “upgrade” your memory and/or harddrive, be my guest, but there are plenty of people out there who cannot afford to run out and buy another computer because they need more memory or storage capacity. 

  • PuckDaddy

    I wonder if people found out that the reason for going for this soldered on chip allows for the space needed to re-install the backlit keyboards would appeal to them

    with external memory being attractive for mass storage and new cloud services come into play, the need to be carrying 500gb’s of information around in an ultraportable seems like overkill

  • Mike Rathjen

    Moving from 34nm to 25nm made SSDs effectively slower in benchmarks, although not really noticeable in real life one way or the other.

    So why would moving from 25nm to 19nm make things faster, either noticeably or in benchmarks?