RoaringApps Crowd Sourced App Compatibility Database For OS X Lion



Here’s a good resource to take a look at if you plan on upgrading to OS X Lion this month. is a crowd sourced application compatibility database for OS X Lion. The site depends on user input about the compatibility of existing applications running on Snow Leopard or whether or not apps will need Rosetta.

If the latter is the case for an application it will not work on OS X Lion. You’ll need to check with the person that created the application about whether or not they plan on upgrading the application. I’ve already discovered a few of my own applications that not only will not work and sadly the vendor is no longer in existence for a few of them.


The arrows point to app icons for apps that require Rosetta and now no longer run in OS X Lion after the upgrade.


Anyhow check out the site and start planning your OS X Lion upgrade by upgrading any applications before installing OS X Lion to ensure compatibility with the new Mac OS. After all the release is just around the corner and you don’t want to be caught of guard when your favorite applications fail to launch, crash, or malfunction.

If you have any information to contribute from any testing you’ve done with OS X Lion then please help the site out by adding your knowledge to the database. Here’s a link to the site so go check it out and help if you can.

In addition to the above you should take a look at How to Prepare Your Mac For Lion — The Right Way for additional helpful upgrade tips.



  • Rxcketeer
  • matthewmspaceyoutube

    Since the developer no longer wants to deal with the app anymore, how do we get them to release the source code?

  • Ghulam muslih Mohd noor

    iphine4 can’t 3G with another fon

  • UncleMacOSX

    I love iStat menus glad and to see it’s Lion ready but the iPhone app is seriously behind the times! Last update was 11.18.2K9!! Getting closer to 2 years every day!! Are they waiting for Lion or iOS5 or iOSX?!

  • Stuart Randolph Carpenter

    I wonder if Apple is going to post a list of unsupported applications like they did for Leopard users upgrading to Snow Leopard? I have already made the decision not to install any new applications until after I upgrade to Lion.

  • Oagervacio

    I have Realtek usb wlan client software which i use to connect usb adopter for internet access. I hang on my balcony, after upgrdading I cannot access anymore.

  • 2e2e

    misleading title

  • T_RAY777

    I wish I had never heard of LION – the upgrade has stopped me working for several days now.

    My old system (G4) died just before the Xmas break leaving me with a ‘HD’ that worked with a borrowed Mac Pro Laptop. 

    My NEW Desktop then arrives in all it’s glory for me to discover –
    Entourage , MS Office , Epson Printer , iDVD , File Maker Pro , etc etc etc. No longer works.
    Even Adobe Reader website asks me — What rev do you want to update ? There is no rev.

    All I need to just work on the most basic level is an email that imports my old MS Office 2004 and a Data Base that imports my old File Maker Pro 6.5. — Ray

  • Kari James Uan

    i thought Lion might more friendly to all apple applications but it seems to left them in the background which are no longer useable. I am bit likely with T>Ray777 off side with New OS Lion. I wish i never heard it too. 
    It stopped me working with my new iMac late 2011. I can’t use my powerpc applications which is crap..
    hope someone out there comes up with a solution on this, so that we can enjoy our love for apple. cheers