Dear Steve Jobs: My iPhone 4 Survived Being Run Over, Why Do I Need an iPhone 5?


CC-licensed, thanks to Daveonflickr.
CC-licensed, thanks to Daveonflickr.

This tops any list of back-handed compliments: a woman leaves her iPhone 4 on the roof of her car. Drives away.

Comes back home after running errands to find the device in the middle of the street marked by tire treads, screen a little woozy from the sun, but still working.

“After I removed the case and its clear shield, my iPhone was unscathed. Unscathed, I say!”

So she writes to Apple CEO Steve Jobs to say: if the iPhone 4 was this good, why do I need an iPhone 5?

“This is my thank you note for making an incredible product that is also klutz-proof. If the iPhone 5 just happens to be nuclear war proof, I will have to upgrade, because I will inevitably find a nuclear war to drop it in.” And signs off: “An Apple fan for life, mostly because my iPhone will survive my hijinks.”

What do you think Jobs would answer?

Via Meet the Buttrams