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Super-Light Aviiq Portable Laptop Stand Expensive but Versatile [Review]



Aviiq’s Portable Laptop Stand ($60) is very similar to the manufacturer’s other stand we reviewed a few weeks ago, the Portable Quick Stand. The big difference? You can actually use this one on your lap, and it’ll even work with an iPad. It’s also considerably more expensive.

Still, the extra $20 might be worth it. If you find yourself doing a lot of work sans-table — in bed or at an airport terminal with no free tables, for instance — this laptop stand might be a better choice: it’ll prop your MBP or MBA up at a better angle, keep it stable (or from sliding) and keep your MBP’s warm bum off your legs.

And if you’ve got an iPad, it’ll work with that in a pinch too. Even though it’s probably not designed to fit an iPad, the rubber tabs at the top are spaced close enough together to fit the iPad’s back.

Like the PQS, this stand is made from Hylite; only this time, Aviiq uses the material as intended, its live joints flexing to make a metallic origami stucture. Partly because of this, the Portable Laptop Stand also looks more professional than the PQS. It also comes with its own carrying bag and extra rubber feet.

[xrr rating=80%]