Original Macintosh designer created signature Google+ feature



One of the design geniuses behind the original Macintosh software now works at Google, and led the team responsible for interaction design and implementation of the Google+ circle editor, according to a public post on — what else? — Google+.

Andy Hertzfeld “conceived, designed and implemented a compelling prototype for it almost single-handedly, and then wrote a fair percentage of the production javascript code with lots of help” from other Google engineers.

Hertzfeld’s post is meant to spread the credit around. But the truth is that the “circle editor” is the single coolest thing in Google+.

(Photo courtesy of the Computer History Museum)

  • Yaron G

    any one has an invite to give?

  • freediverx

    Awesome scoop on a story that broke three days ago!

    The coolest thing about Google+ is not the circle editor, but the fact that the platform is designed from the get go to allow you to organize people into groups and easily control what you share with whom, in contrast to Facebook that makes it a chore to control your privacy settings and tries to force you to share everything with everyone.