Rumor: iPhone 5 Will Have A Blinking, BlackBerry-Like LED Indicator



One of the cool new functions of iOS 5 is the ability to set the iPhone’s LED to flash for various system level alerts… but how useful is that functionality when the LED is on the back of the phone?

Not very. That’s why sources are now saying that the iPhone 5 will boast dual LEDs, one on the front, one on the back. Like a Blackberry!

Sebastien Page for the iPhone Download Blog reports:

Our tipster – let’s call him Mr T – referred to an article we wrote last week, in which DigiTimes claimed the next iPhone will sport a dual-LED camera flash. According to Mr T, the next iPhone will indeed sport 2 LEDs, except that one will be a LED camera flash, and the other one will be an LED indicator…

An LED indicator? Yes, just like the good old BlackBerrys have right above the screen.

I have to say that’s one of the features I miss about my BlackBerry. Having a flashing LED to tell you you have a missed call, or an unread text message was good to have, especially when I was stuck in those long meetings where no ringtones or vibrations would be allowed.

It sounds plausible enough. What do you think?