New York Times Caves, Gives Apple Its 30% Cut


  • dagamer34

    Kindle app hasn’t been updated yet… Hmm..

  • Honyant

    Maybe you meant that the New York Times is happy to “abide” by this rule. Then again maybe they are happy to adobe by it.

  • djrobsd

    Apple is a greedy company that will eventually pay for their greed… Greed stifles innovation and lack of innovation stifles consumer spending on technology.

  • Yasaswy Nagavolu

    I understand paying some price.. but 30$ a month is too greedy.. We almost get the news from everywhere these days.. Make it like iphone, ipad apps.. 1$ a month or something.. people will flock.. otherwise you’ll die in hell and should close the company coz people will go to other sources..

  • Cgs101

    The New York Times online subscriptions are RIDICULOUSLY expensive.
    It should be $10 a month maximum for iPhone and iPad access together.