iPad Undergoes Meltdown After Installing iOS 5 Beta


Screen Shot 2011-07-01 at 10.40.46 AM

Apple’s developer betas of future versions of iOS are just that, betas, which means that there’s all sorts of problems that can come up when you install one. Total device meltdown, though? That’s the sort of thing that ought to be ironed out in alpha, yet that’s just what at least one iOS 5 Beta user is reporting after installing the dev preview on his iPad: massive, device crippling overheating issues. And Apple says it’s a known issue.

PC Pro reports that after installing the beta on his iPad, one of their readers found that his iPad’s WiFi chip no longer worked, and the screen temperature reached a crispy 65 degrees celsius.

Taking his iPad into the Regent Street, London Apple Store, the afflicted iPad owner was initially denied compensation, but ultimately common sense prevailed, and he was offered a replacement iPad as well as £60 of App Store credit.

What’s weird here is that the iPad owner was denied a replacement despite the fact that Apple Store employees described it as a “known issue” for first-gen iPads. If that’s true, you’d think this wouldn’t be up for debate.

Either way, this is the first report we’ve seen of something like this, so take with a grain of salt. Either way, though, if you’re a first gen iPad owner who has been toying with installing the iOS 5 Beta, you might want to hold off until Beta 3.

[via MacWorld]