Capitalizing On Final Cut Pro X Debacle, Adobe Slashes Premiere Pro Software by 50%



In a bid to tempt unhappy customers away from Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, Adobe has slashed by the price of its Premiere Pro professional video editing software by 50%… but will its ploy be a success?

Dubbed the “Switcher Program,” Adobe offers 50% off its Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 Production Premium and Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software. Those eligible for the discount must have previously purchased a version of Apple’s Final Cut Pro or Avid’s Media Composer software. The offer ends on September 30.

Jim Guerard, general manager and vice president of professional video and audio at Adobe, says its video editing told are already proving themselves with industry professionals:

We’re hearing from video professionals that they want pro level tools that address cutting edge work but also allow them to use legacy footage and workflows. At Adobe we’ve been in the trenches with video pros for years and with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and CS5.5 Production Premium we’ve delivered professional-grade tools that are already being battle-tested by some of the most innovative filmmakers, broadcasters and video pros.

Adobe’s Switcher Program launches just after a mass of complaints and poor reviews for Apple’s newly released Final Cut Pro X software. Apple has already offered disgruntled customers a refund for their purchase, and published a Final Cut Pro FAQ in an attempt to persuade some to stick with their purchase for future updates.

But will Adobe’s program successfully persuade unhappy Final Cut Pro customers to switch? If you’re a Final Cut Pro customer unhappy with the latest release, will you consider switching over to Adobe’s solutions?

[via 9to5 Mac]

  • supertino

    “As the lion makes a rare misstep and drops his kill, the scavengers jump at the opportunity, grabbing the leftovers.”

  • kokaaina

    I need to get my work done so I made the swap to Premiere last week. I’m quite willing to move back to FCPX when, and if, it necomes a professional product.
    What I bought was a car with no tires and a promise to provide them later.

  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    “As the lion makes a rare misstep and drops his kill, the scavengers jump at the opportunity, grabbing the leftovers.” — Super Tino
    This ^^^^

    Also, you notice they won’t drop the price of their adobe CS5, just the premiere.  Adobe’s profit margins make apple look modest.  Employees can get the master collection of CS5 for 35 dollars.  Which is cost….

  • E.J. Macaranas

    I already switched. Goodbye my old friend FCP. 

  • Matthias Hutter

    they reduced the price of the production suite too (including the most important bits like photohop, after effects etc.). You can upgrade to the master collection from there if you need dreamweaver, illustrator etc.)