Mark Zuckerberg Hints That Facebook for iPad Might Launch Next Week



Following rumors that Facebook was planning its first iPad app, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has told everyone to stay tuned for the world’s largest social network to ‘launch something awesome next week.”

Following an earlier New York Times report, Facebook for iPad is reportedly focused on overhauling Facebook Chat and Facebook Groups to be more usable in a mobile, multitouch setting. In addition, the iPad’s newly-gained photo and video capturing capabilities will be pandered to, and you’ll be able to shoot and upload media right from the built-in cameras.

Of course, Facebook has other projects in the pipeline as well, such as their App Store killing Project Spartan and their Instagram-like photo sharing service. Which it’ll be, only time will tell.

  • JRD

    Hope there definition of something isn’t is just a iPad app which should have been made once the iPad was launched..

  • freediverx

    If it’s half as lame as their current iPhone app, I can’t wait.

  • AlterThending

    Ok he said it would never happen the iPad is not a mobile device so I spent over 3 dollars on “facebook” iPad apps and now here it comes. Refund Please!

  • AlterThending

    From that pic above it looks exactly the same!

  • Andrés Torrejón

    the picture above is an ipad running the iphone app enhanced. at the bottom right corner you can see the 1x buttton to put it on normal resolution

  • JeffNemo

    I don’t know why you would pay for an iPad Facebook app, just going to works perfectly well.  Though I look forward to a native app, I wouldn’t pay for one.

  • Junaidkureshi

    paying for facebook app for ipad, r u out of your mind. or may be u upload pics a lot.

  • Tanner Faris

    Hurry! I am tired of buggy third party clients. Everyone claims Friendly is the best solution available, but it just doesn’t do it for me like the native iPhone app.