Report: OS X 10.7 Lion Will Launch On Mac App Store Next Wednesday At 9:00AM PT


  • Tim Scotney


  • Sylwek_G


  • netnerd258

    Can the Apple servers handle the first day download traffic? We shall see muahahaha!

  • egglet1980

    Just so you know – Three Guys and a Podcast have a pretty piss poor record of predicting or sourcing any accurate information at all.  Hopefully that will change now

  • boastboy

    ok, sweet, but where the HELL am I going to download it, here in South Africa with a 384kb/s line it’s going to take for effing ever! Though I might add I am absolutely amped for Lion, can’t wait!

  • CharliK

    That possibly part of what the NC center is for. It could be mirroring all the systems not just the cloud stuff. 

    It’s also possible that they might do a staged rollout based on location. If they do it over the course of say 4 days folks probably wouldn’t mind that only the US can download on day one. Cause the wait wouldn’t be that long (and chances are they’d get plenty of connection errors for a couple of days anyway)

  • Arham Maher

    Thank God! 17th seemed like a looooooong wait

  • crateish

    As always, I will wait until my core apps are confirmed to work 100%, and will wait a couple of weeks regardless. Just in case everyone with my particular build report that their machines exploded or introduced demonic entities into their homes.

  • Tim Pease

    Just go to a premium Apple reseller in Johannesburg.  You should be able to hop on their wifi and download it.

  • SpongebobUK

    At the WWDC we were told that there are some 54m OS X computers and if only 1% of these for for an upgrade to Lion in the first week or so then that’ll chew a whole load of bandwidth for a 4GB download. I foresee that the internet will be slow for a while what ever your connection rate.

    Still wish that Cupertino would recognise that we don’t all have a 100mb/s connection!

  • Elliot George

    Please please please let this be the case! I want to download it from an Apple Store with everyone else while i’m in Florida on holiday!

  • Thel Vadumee

    looks like windows now….

  • boastboy

    Yip, it’s probably what I’m going to do, though I’ll head down to digicape in Cape Town

  • AlmostDoneWith CoM

    You mean Windows is trying to look like Mac OS.

  • PuckDaddy


  • Chris

    I plan to visit South Africa later this year and was afraid to find out there’s no single Apple Store in Africa Oo

  • amendment_9

    I have been running Lion for the past few weeks and you are correct in doing this. Just switched back to Snow last night so I could play a few games that were not working at all.

  • Jp Mc

    Rush Limbaugh just said the july 6th date as well

  • boastboy

    there might not be an “Apple” Store but there are some awesome authorized resellers, if you’re down in Cape Town pop down to Digicape, my Apple Store, so fret not, it’s safe to come :)

  • JustDl Betty

    I am BRAND NEW to Macs. I purchased a gently used current model IMAC, and it has Snow Leopard. So what will I do, purchase the Lion and upgrade? Will I loose my data? Not stupid just NEW to Apple/Mac I loved my IPAD so much. Thanks.

  • JustDl Betty

    The CD would be $29 I believe the nice man at Apple said when we called for help for our new / used Imac.

  • JustDl Betty

    I want the CD, if anything goes wrong it will for me and I just know I’ll need the CD sad but true.

  • morphorod

    Always, always, always, always backup before you do any sort of upgrade. Make 2 backups (just kidding 1 should suffice). Upgrading shouldn’t knock out any data, it didn’t happen with Leopard or Snow Leopard (in my experience) but its better to have your data in another location to be sure. You can use time machine, carbon copy, or superduper (my personal favorite) to make a copy of your hard drive.

  • djrobsd

    Who cares what that mad man says.

  • TylerHoj

    I’ve had a $50 iTunes card sitting with some papers on my desk for two weeks now. Yeah, I bought it a bit early but the suspense is killing me! Lion’s features could have come in handy every day! 

  • Bryan Dobson

    Best not to feed the troll.

  • brutalspoon

    Are you sure that iTunes gift cards work with the Mac App Store? Given that the “Back to School” offer gives students $100 to use specifically on the Mac App Store (and not just a $100 iTunes gift card), I’m not entirely sure it’ll work.

    I hope for your sake that it all works out, though!

  • kavok

    Yes, it would appear that the iTunes gift card will work with the Mac App Store.  If you click on “Redeem your Mac App Store credit.” it takes you to a page that tells you to “Enter your Gift Card or other iTunes Code:”  .  So Tyler it looks like you’re all set!

  • Mitchell Busby

    So why exactly should the US get priority over everyone else? Why couldn’t people in the UK get it first? Or Australia?

  • saintstryfe

    Because the spirits didn’t like you enough to be American. 

    ::plays Star Spangled Banner::

  • CharliK

    It’s a US company. Get the stick out of your ass and get over it. 

  • Mitchell Busby

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to be as attacking as I came across, just doesn’t that sort of thing destroy one of the main pros of digital distribution, that you can have simultaneous launch everywhere regardless of where you are.

  • CharliK

    Having the servers crash consistently for hours destroys a pro also. And given that the blogs are still going at the whole Final Cut Pro “disaster” Apple doesn’t need any more hits. So if they decide it is better to roll it out a little at a time, they will do it. And if they decide to start with the US it isn’t some sort of racism or whatever thing. They are a US company thus pretty much everything they launch is US first if there’s a restriction. 

  • CharliK

    No, the Back to School card works in all the stores in the ‘itunes’ eco system. Mac Apps, media, ibooks and iOS apps. 

  • CharliK

    it is unlikely that you will lose your data during an upgrade but it could happen. Lightening could strike your power lines and blow up your computer, or any one of another disasters. thus why you should already be backing up your data every day. Apple even puts in a software to help you do it (that’s what that weird Time Machine thing is all about). 

  • CharliK

    Nope. There is no DVD/CD for Lion. If you have a crap connection that is for you to figure out. 

    this detail has been out for a while. 

  • Anthony Allen


  • Daniel Chao

    Well, bummer. Because it didn’t come out on the 6th.

  • dcj001

    Why is JB spreading these unsubstantiated rumors?

  • false_statement_hater

    lol how does it feel to be well over a week and now what will be 2 weeks off on the release date feel? dont make false assumptions please…it pisses me off

  • false_statement_hater

    same reason you think uk or australia should get…self absorbed much

    and more than likely it would be because apple is based in the US…so put on your big boy diaper and stop hating…you will get it just like the US will get it ok

  • false_statement_hater

    honestly i probably will hold off and download it one day after release…as much as i dont want to its the best avenue to go