Is This What The iPhone 5 Will Look Like? [Gallery]



The folks over at Yanko Design put together these extremely attractive mock-ups of what they imagine the next iPhone might look like when it’s released in September.

Here are the shots:

I love the way this looks, but I say there’s no chance of the iPhone released in September will look like this. For one thing, all the rumors currently swirling about indicate that the next iPhone will look largely identical to the iPhone 4, except for the possibility of a slightly larger display.

Second? I just don’t think this design is possible. It’s simply too thin to hold all of the iPhone’s organs. The iPod Touch can get away with a design this thin, because it doesn’t have to fit in most of a telephone’s guts; the iPad 2 can be this thin, because of how much larger the total footprint is. But Apple can’t currently make iPhones all that much thinner than they are currently making them.

Lovely none the less. I’d be in heaven if the next iPhone was this light and thin. What about you?