OS X Lion To Launch July 19th Alongside New MacBook Airs



Apple teased the latest features in the upcoming OS X Lion operating system at WWDC early this month, but when it comes to a release date, the company has left us hanging. Now a new report claims that Lion will launch on July 19th… and will drag new MacBook Airs out to customers immeditely in its wake.

Two separate sources, both of which are “connected to Apple in different capacities,” have revealed to Apple’n’Apps that the internal launch date currently being thrown around the Apple camp for both OS X Lion and new MacBook Airs is July 19th — the same day Apple is to hold a conference call announcing its Q3 financial results.

While the sources note that this date isn’t set in stone and could change, they claim that if everything goes according to plan both products will begin shipping on that date.

Apple’n’Apps notes that there are already subtle indications that suggest OS X Lion and the new MacBook Air will launch hand-in-hand:

The basis of Lion is to bring features from iOS to the Mac, and the MacBook Air is the closest blend of Mac OS and iOS. It only makes sense for Apple to highlight Lion with a new set of MacBook Airs, so the indications may prove correct. The main images on the Lion page on Apple’s site are shown running on a MacBook Air. The Air takes cues from the iPad in its construction with solid state storage, instant-on, great standby battery life, as well as lightweight construction.

This report strengthens previous speculation claiming Apple will build 400,000 MacBook Airs this month to get the device ready for a July launch. The next-generation of notebooks are expected to come equipped with Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors and the company’s high-speed Thunderbolt technology — features which were recently introduced to Apple’s iMacs and MacBook Pros.

  • Chris Brunner

    Sweet! That gives me 20 days to sit in anticipation for my new Air with Lion… Hopefully we’ll find out what changes are in store, from Apple, that are in the Air. (pun intended)


  • mjselvig

    Lion on my birthday? Yes, please.

  • Bill Morlitz

    Hopefully (fingers crossed) it’ll have a backlit keyboard like the others. Working at nighttime with a black keyboard without backlighting is a real negative. Otherwise, I’ll wait for iPad3

  • Florian Pabel

    I think Mac OS X Lion will be available on 10th July because it’s Mac OS  X 10.7 :D

  • Iphoneication

    historically apple wont do any major releases on a day they are having earnings call, i  predict that lion will ship before the earnings call. i would also think that apple will release macbook airs close to that time, or just after the release of lion, apple does not have a history of releasing new hardware at the same time as a major software release.. not in there dna.  

    It is my hope that new new macbook airs will have backlit keyboards, as this has been a major gripe. I also believe that the 64 gig will drop to 899,, and 128gig will be the new 999,, as flash prices have dropped about 20% over the last two quarters.  the 128 gig will satisfy most consumer needs. from my stand point 64 gigs is just not enough to make the air a viable laptop for anyone with major soft ware needs. 

    so i predict a 999 128 gig air, lion, with backlit keyboard, with thunderbolt and new processors.. 

    ive been following apple since 1995

  • Iphoneication

    on a side note,, apple store is selling refurb macbook airs right now with 128 , 2.1 processor for 1069….. and i believe that price will go down!

  • Joshua Stockwell

    I don’t think you’re going to get your backlit keyboard in the Air. I expect the refresh to only include Thunderbolt and new sandybridge processors. 

  • Joshua Stockwell

    Turn on a light

  • Shipeep

    The sooner the better, I’m looking forward to running Lion on my MacBook Pro…

  • Ray

    How about 3 or 4g data service included as a subscription option in the MBA?  Isn’t that one of the great appeals of the iOS devices that should be incorporated in the new MBA.

  • Dilbert A

    missing the point.

  • Dilbert A

    I “hope” your wrong.

  • Iphoneication

    i would have to say NO to the data services,, and heres why, apple customers already pay premium for data, so this would be another way for wireless carriers to gouge their consumer base. I think the wifi option is a viable alternative at this point, if you have an iphone, or even a droid phone the 29,99 hot spot with 5 gigs will more than do it. Also the hot spot is a feature, so you can take it away and add it anytime, so your not locked into any kind of contract. i like that alternative way better !! as a consumer

  • netnerd258

    I’m new to OS X, was really amped for Lion due to the marketing materials, but I find Snow Leopard is pretty damn cool too, so they could release this in December for all I care.

  • Joshua Hofer

    just because they are launching a new macbook air, doesn’t mean that apple needs to hold off lion until then. hopefully this report is wrong and lion will become available sooner then the 19th. I really want it now