Apple Highlights Why Macs, iOS Devices Are Great for College



Apple has just added three new pages to its website which highlight why its Macs and iOS devices are the perfect companions for those heading off to college. Well, actually, the Mac gets a bit of a soft sell… but Apple’s really banging the drum when it comes to their iOS devices, and as usual, it all comes down to apps.

There are pages dedicated to the Mac, the iPad, and the iPhone & iPod touch — which list things like education apps, iTunes U and FaceTime as reasons why these devices are great for students.

Why Mac for College

Built on the world’s most advanced operating system, the Mac is as easy to use as it is powerful. Here’s why it’s the best computer you can get for school.

Why iPad for College

With loads of great features, like the large, beautiful Multi-Touch display, the ability to carry an entire library with you, and access to thousands of educational apps, an iPad is the perfect choice for school.

Why iPod touch and iPhone for College

iPod touch and iPhone put thousands of apps — and countless possibilities — in your pocket. That’s just part of why they’re ideal for college students on the go.

If you’re heading off to college, or if you’re a parent with children heading off to college, later this year, these pages are a great guide to why Apple’s devices will be useful to you during student life. They’re also helpful if you’re currently trying to decide between a Mac or PC as your college computer.

In addition to these things, of course, there’s also Apple’s new ‘Back to School’ promotion, which offers students a free $100 gift card to put towards software, apps, music and movies when the purchase a new Mac.

[via AppAdvice]