Official Google+ iOS App is Heading to the iPhone



Google launched its latest attempt at social networking yesterday dubbed Google+, a service which is said to focus on sharing content with groups of people that you place into “circles.” At the moment the service is available by invitation only, but by the time it goes public, there may be an official iPhone app for you to run it on.

On the Google+ information page, there is a list of options for accessing the network from your mobile device. There’s already a native application for Android smartphones, but Google clearly states that an app for the iPhone is “coming soon.”

Google+App iPhone 414x178

If you have a Google+ invite and you’d like to access the service from your iPhone already, you can use the web app located at But look out for the official iPhone app in the App Store soon.

First impressions of Google’s new social network seem promising, and the service looks set to succeed where Google Buzz eventually failed. The new service was designed by Andy Hertzfeld, one of the key designed behind the original Macintosh software.

[via iPhone Italia]