Watch The Pope Tweet From An iPad [Video]



By punching a big, conspicuous button on an iPad, Pope Benedict XVI has just launched the new official Vatican news site. Then he sent a tweet from the official Twitter app and afterwards a bunch of old men kissed his knuckles. Between this and Google+, it was a big day for technology.

[via Rome Reports]

  • AustinBaze

    Is that Wham! on his lockscreen pic?  (@ 00:20)

  • aardman

    Woohoo, paedophile priests now have a convenient way to watch each other’s backs.

  • obamapacman

    Rome Reports isn’t the new site. Full story:

  • Owen Black

    How is the Pope tweeting “a big day for technology”? I couldn’t care less, and it doesn’t affect how I use technology at all. Slightly bizarre to me…

  • Andrea Nepori

    I’ll suggest you a series of 6 injections of Ironilax. It works like magic for severe cases of irony detection deficiencies, just like yours

  • theonlycog

    Someone is working him from the back — the poor man doesn’t seem to even know where he is.  When meeting those ‘hand kissers’ he had a completely vacant stare

  • campirecord

    is it me or this guy is the biggest vector of herpes on the planet ?

  • iHate_Is_Back

    What’s the matter you pissed off because you’ll have less dick to suck on. Ignorant God hating parasite.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    I only have one direct comment about this story. GOOOOO POPE BENNY. WAY A WORK THAT TWITTER

  • Anar D. D.

    Like any old people he keeps pushing the button for several seconds. You say to them “Okay. Now click this button.” Cliii…ick. Copy/Paste pops up. “No, let it go. Just click it.” “Damn it.”

    And who are those people on lock screen.