Could Google’s New Social Network Lead To Apple Teaming Up With Facebook For iOS 6?



Google’s just launched their biggest attack against Facebook yet with Google+, a new social networking service that emphasizes the sharing of content and updates to groups of people instead of Facebook’s universal wall spooge approach. But is Google+ destined to be just another wanna-be failure like Buzz and Orkut, or could it instead finally lead to Apple and Facebook to put their differences aside and strike a deal for iOS 6?

Although Google+ isn’t open for sign-ups yet, Search Engine Land’s got a good primer.

Most important, Google+ is a social network of your friends, family and other contacts, a way to connect to these people, just like Facebook.

Unlike Facebook, Google+ is built from the ground up around the concept of sharing material with groups of people, called “Circles.”

The idea is that you can easily drag-and-drop people into different types of Circles, which you can then use for sharing different types of things.

For example, you can create a “Family” circle where you might chose to share things only with family members in it, while another “Work” circle might contain work colleagues who only see what you share to that.

From the pictures, the interface looks very clean and nice, and we have to admit that we love the whole “Circle” concept of sharing different content to different groups of people easily.

That said, this isn’t a notably different approach to Facebook’s, especially when you take Facebook’s Lists and Pages into account. If you’re already on Facebook, it’s not like you can migrate or mirror your account, meaning that most users are already probably locked in. Heck, Google+ doesn’t even roll Google’s other social networking services into itself, like Buzz or +1: it’s a totally separate product. Weird.

At first blush, then, Google+ isn’t doing much different from Facebook, but I’ll tell you what could change everything: Google hardbaking Google+ social network functionality into their Android platform. Mark my words, that’s exactly what is going to happen, because it’s the only advantage Google+ has over Facebook and Twitter: it can make its social network the default for hundreds of millions of Android users.

It’ll be interesting to see the ripples such a move could cause. Will Google+ spark a mobile arms race in which companies strive to more deeply social networking functionality into the core operating systems of tomorrow’s smartphones and tablets?

It’s possible. iOS 5 already deeply integrates Twitter into every iPhone and iPad’s DNA, and Apple and Facebook almost teamed up for the launch of Ping back in 2010, only for the deal to fall through at the last minute.

Would Google+ integrated into Android be enough for Apple and Facebook to finally come to terms?Whether iOS 6 has deep Facebook integration or not may very well have a lot to do with how successfully Google integrates Google+ into Android. That makes this curiously redundant social networking project by Google a product worth keeping an eye on for any Apple enthusiast.

What do you think?

  • Wayne_Luke

    Apple and Facebook started burning their bridge with the entire Ping! fiasco. Is the bridge savable? Or is did that fire completely demolish it? Who knows. Through news though, I get the vibe that Zuckerburg and Jobs don’t really like each other.

  • Rebelord

    Took a quick look at some of the videos describing features about the service for Google+ and so far I’m actually pretty enthusiastic about it.

    One of the things that sticks out to me the most is the ability to create different “circles” of friends. I hate posting something on facebook and it going out to every person I know and don’t care to update on certain things of my life. Especially if it’s something I only want close family members to see.

    Plus whenever I get someone from work on my network it makes me shy away from posting anything at all.

    So much so that I’ve practically stop using facebook almost entirely altogether because I feel like nothing is private anymore. It seems like Google+ is going to solve this problem for me.

    Now if Apple is evening going to jump into the social market seems unlikely at all to me.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Or Maybe Apple will team with Google / Google+ to take on Facebook?

  • Rui Archer

    Facebook is too much involved with Microsoft (Office+WP7) for apple to partner with them.

    To me this looks the most promising attempt to take on FB I’ve ever seen!

    I don’t even know if Apple can do anything about social now :(

  • CarlsonYamamoto

    Sorry Google, but people hate both you and Facebook!  Both companies continue to collect an infinite amount of information about it’s users having a total disregard for privacy rights, whether it’s users choose to or not!  Google talks about privacy, that’s another joke!  There is one serious competitor to both Facebook, and now Google so called new social network, ONLYMEWORLD which is experiencing triple digit growth!

  • Rebelord

    OnlyMeWorld?!? I think the name of that social network seems to speak for itself.

  • sebzar

    The more social network sites get created the more they ruin not only other social network sites but also their own. If you have friends scattered over several social network sites then the choice is between joining them all or not join them at all. And with all these privacy related issues in the picture I choose to do the latter. It is just not worth it. The only social network site I see a personal benefit from is Linkedin as it is career/work orientated. The others just for showing off… In the end I’m afraid they will all end up as just another MySpace. 

  • gafstr

    Reasons Google+ wont work
    – It uses the Google brand, Google is search.. not social, Facebook is social and thats how people see it.- They have no reason to move to Google+, Facebook has all their friends already and they aren’t going to move to Google+ either. What use is a “Social network” when your friends aren’t on it.

    – They use these words to describe features like “Sparks” and “Circles” that confuses some people. Users want it straight! A simple word or group of words that also describes what it does. “News Feed” “Link” “Image” “Place”.

    – The masses wont hear about it, because Google suck at letting people know about their products and also because people don’t give enough of a fuck to find out for themselves.

    – This service may be just as good as Facebook, but even if it is! people don’t want to use it,
    for most users its because they already have Facebook and for the rest of us it’s either they don’t want to use either or they trust Google even less than they trust Facebook. 

    So to summarize. 
    * Google is search not social.
    * Facebook did it already
    * Google is no more trustworthy than Facebook
    * No reason to switch
    * Confusing service
    * Poor marketing
    * Their friends aren’t on it

  • macgizmo

    You need to use FB Lists to customize who gets what – it has been around forever and is quite easy to set up and use.

  • Rebelord

    Now please correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve up looked on Facebook Friends List doesn’t seem the same as creating “circles”.

    “Facebook Lists” just allow you to set privacy settings for each group where as “Circles” actually allows you to select on the fly who can see an individual post you make.

    It seems like you can set certain people to see a post you made manually but you have to enter them in one by one and the defined lists don’t show up as an option.

  • tedcranmore

    No, my guess is that zuck and steve tried last year but missed. He will be courted by someone desperate for a last gasp move — the RIM boys! Get ready for the special “black-face” phone by RIM,

  • aramishero

    Absolutely NOT. Facebook don’t like Apple. Apple and Twitter are friend. Twitter co-founder is ready to create new Social Network to compete with Facebook and work with Apple. Facebook is douchebag recently… they make a lot enemies…

  • abdu4

    The need to separate different groups of people in social networking should be very obvious. The first thing I felt the need for when I joined Facebook was to figure out how to separate different groups of people I share info and posts with. It is possible to do on Facebook but I think it looks more natural and straightforward on Google+.

  • Ivonne Spinoza

    I don’t want Facebook on my Apple stuff. ‘nuf said.

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