Easy Access: Salma Hayek’s Mobile Me Account Breached



Call it hacking, or just common sense: getting into actress Salma Hayek’s Mobileme account was apparently as easy as knowing her birthday and her favorite starring role.

An anonymous post on imageboard 4chan.org  provided MobileMe login details for Hayek:

Go to me.com, forgot password, type shayek@mac.com
Her //snip//
Answer to change password question is: //snip//

Voila : a peek at Hayek’s iPhone apps downloaded from iTunes — including restaurant finder UrbanspoonShazam and the Say Who voice recognition dialer — plus emails from uber-magnate husband Francois-Henri Pinault and an invite to America Ferrera’s 25th birthday party.

Wonder if iPhone loving twitterer Ashton Kutcher’s next…

Via Electronic Pulp

updated to delete credentials

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